Random thing #1: You guys, there are so many movies I want to see. "Silent Hill," "Cloud Atlas," "Wreck-It-Ralph"... *sigh*. Thinking of taking myself to see "Silent Hill" this weekend just to start knocking items off the list.

Random thing #2: Thinking of buying myself a late birthday present in the form of XCOM or Dishonored. Or possibly Borderlands 2? How am I expected to choose?!? Adult decisions are hard.


I can't stop thinking about this t-shirt. Someone tell me to just order it already.

Behold: the Throne of Games.

The ultimate house of horror films.

How about some new wallpapers for your computer? Pick your flavor: Mario and Zelda.

P.O.S.'s new album is making life miserable for the other 100 gigs of music on my iPod. I seriously cannot stop listening to this. Bonus: here's a couple P.O.S. videos to enjoy (new and old).

The worst passwords of 2012 are...

7 ordinary things made extraordinary in slowmo.

Captain Kirk throws a tantrum.

Star Wars scarecrow halloween decorations. Sometimes I feel like a huge nerd until I see stuff like this. Then I'm the most normal person on the planet.

How about some new art for your walls?

How to piss off your nerdfriends. Always a fun party game.

This censorship towel is perfect.

Wampa arm ice scraper.

I'm not really a baby person, but this LOTR-inspired costume is perfection.

In case you missed it, the first "Iron Man 3" trailer has arrived.

These superhero window washers are racking up the karma. Ugh, I have something in my eye!

Trailer for "The American Scream." You know who looks horrified? Some of those family members.

Does the world really need a Middle Earth inspired Denny's menu?

Are these novels scarier than horror films? This writer thinks so.