This week's link round-up is brought to you by my third cup of coffee (that's my veiled attempt at an apology for the first link). Also, I want to start compiling my must-see horror movie queue for halloween movies. Recommendations? Make 'em good, there's no way I'm wasting my time on "The Saw VI". I want to be steamrolled by scary & awesome.


Plants vs. Zombies do Gangnam style. I'm sorry for posting this. If I had to click on it so do you.

Humanized yoda. So there's that.

This year's winter storm name list got an injection of awesome. Storm Gandolf?! Close enough for me!

A couple new movie trailers out this week for: Wreck-It-Ralph and The Lone Ranger.

Former Mrs. Idaho slips and falls on a rock causing severe brain swelling. You'll never guess where they put part of her skull for several weeks until the swelling went down. That is some alien business right there.

The real reason you'll never win an argument with the hulk.

Annual meeting of time-travelers.

An accurate description of what it's like leveling your weapon.

Superhero yoga.

And stuff. So much stuff crossed my desk this week...