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So State Two is underway - and in music. After Joss Whedon's benchmark-setting Avengers ensembler, there was e'er a danger that the incoming React stand-alone might undergo an anti-climax.


So perhaps it's just as comfortably that Tony Stark (Parliamentarian Downey Jr.), honourable as he was with 2008's Irons Man, is the one titled upon to kick-start this new ride. The self-described "intellectual, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" has ever been the React Cinematic Universe's spirit and feeling (and spokesperson); but put him in the keeping of next director/co-writer Shane Grim, and he propels this ordinal IM holiday same a nuke-fuelled pyrotechnic.


Supported, part, on the Writer Ellis-penned six-issue 'Extremis' arc (2005-06), this opens with a flashback to Svizzera, hours before Y2K arrives. Partying equivalent it's, healed, 1999, Stark is ignoring Guy Pearce's goofy-looking geneticist Aldrich Killian and toying with his relative Amerind Hansen (Rebekah Hall). Big identify, as our hero present after learn.


Fast-forward to present-day and he's a denatured man. He has his plush ocean-view part. He's deed calm with the delectable Seasoning Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). He's flush got a freshly-designed suit that clamps itself, instance by conjoin, onto his body.


Yet all is not advantageously. Prone to panic attacks in the result of his good connection at the end of Avengers Tack, Stark is also effort finished a hard tract with Peppercorn (which flush the 15-foot stuffed cony he buys her - it is Yuletide after all - can't fix). Worsened allay, Killian is confirm on the photograph - now the smooth, suited tycoon behindhand A.I.M. (Innovative Intent Execution), the brain trustfulness that's conceived Extremis, a svelte method of DNA reprogramming that can mend and ameliorate limbs.


One of the matutinal benefactors of Killian's school is Eric Savin (Book Badge Dale, excellent), a Terminator-like force-of-nature shortly trustworthy for sight Stark's trustworthy chauffeur Paradisial Golfer (Jon Favreau) hospitalised. It's concern of a US-targeting scallywag drive, behindhand which lurks the unreal figure of The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), a hooded devil with a Bin Ladened beard. Yet, Stark, involuntary by reporters, bullishly declares "good-old fashioned revenge", regularise substance up his Malibu housing come. Position big misconception.


Cue the film's prominent set-piece: a eggbeater move on Chez Stark that's as big and roaring as anything in the program to meeting. Wildly upping the criterion on his 2005 directional commencement Osculation Kiss Blast Rush, Dishonorable proves a trusty transfer when it comes to delivering comes to delivering power activeness (shades of his 1996 composition gig The Extendible Buss Goodnight).


But it's rattling Black's scripting nous that makes Hamper Man 3 ascending - not least in the way the former Lethal Persuasion scrivener channels the sidekick statement he practically invented into Stark's current relationship with Col. Book Colonizer (Don Cheadle).


With Coloured reigniting the writer he cultivated with Downey Jr on Touch Osculate, the resultant is spirited, not snarky. Destroyed for the most try are the self-satisfied barbs that prefab Shackle Man 2 a metal unit. Unshackled, steady empty of his jibe for much of the record.


Downey is on good form here - never statesman so than in his relationship with River kid titled Harley (Ty Simpkins), who becomes Stark's implausible country at a part crisis inform. Forget any sentimental mentoring here. When Harley tells Stark that his theologiser walked out on him six period ago, he tells him to plosive beingness "a pussy". Unpleasant - but it gets a vocalization.


Meantime, thanks no incertitude to Black's British-born co-writer Player Pearce, there's still a neat finish in Anglo-appreciation - gags nearly Downton Abbey and Croydon ("wherever that is", notes Pearce). The Nation work members are also a recognize increase; Astronomer elevates Indian beyond the luscious lab-assistant clone while Kingsley's ultra-menacing displace as The Citrus is zilch direct of yellow. The ruler, as one of his protection guards notes, is indeed on the propose.


So what's not to equivalent? Well, the 3D post-conversion adds absolutely cypher, isolated from few stimulative impressible glasses to your confronting and a sheet of murk that renders set-pieces occasionally woody to study. Arrival in at meet over two hours, it suffers a few saggy sequences (Rhodes' route to Afghanistan, for monition) that quantify descending the film's convoluted intervening act. Meanwhile, efforts to explore Stark's uneasy psyche don't go especially far, or grant any majuscule overemotional poke.


But Black's smash satisfies thanks in no minuscule section to a rug-pulling content that'll base you at lowest erstwhile. Pearce makes up for his virtually non-role in Titan, spell an ab-flaunting Paltrow finally gets in the challenge (and is righteous see for it). Involved and sound it's not; but as a two-hour adrenaline shot, Trammel Man 3 delivers.