Hello, GI! Today, I wanted to talk about those sad moments in videogames that just impact us deeply. Sure, every game has a sad moment, but here are a few that impacted me a lot. These are not all of them, but just the most common ones.



You may have not played any of the following games, and may ruin your experience playing the game. But I'm not telling you the whole story, just sad scenes.


Gears of War 2 – Ave Maria


Going deep the enemy hive, we saw how they tortured people, their screams as they were tortured, screaming for mercy, the sounds of their flesh being ripped off, their agony for hunger and a chance to see the light again, all gone. I figured as we went along, that Dom’s Wife, Maria, couldn’t be far away from all of that. But as much as I thought she would be alive, I never ruled out the possibility of her being in the same conditions.


Alas, we found her. The cinematic rolls as Dom weeps of joy when she finds her. She came out as beautiful as she was in the flashback earlier in the game. At first I thought “We did it… She’s alive and well…” But then Marcus made him come back to reality.


He saw how she really was. All skinny and falling apart, almost as if she was about to die any second now. All tortured and beaten, Dom couldn’t believe it. He cried for forgiveness, as Marcus tells him that she can go away from all of this… but not through escape. As Dom grabs his pistol, Marcus heads out to give him space. Then, her last breath was taken as the gunshot roared out through the hive as echo.


Gears of War 2 – The Fall of Sera




As I went throughout the story, I found myself in difficult spots where I could barely make out what’s going to be the outcome of the war. As I played, the game itself made me have feelings for each character individually, as well as for Sera. Once I got to the turning point, everything starts to make sense.


Everything we fought for, we must sacrifice it in order to save ourselves. When the final stand ended, most of Sera fell apart. Civilians killed, families, their home… All lost in order to save themselves. All they had was each other in the end. And even that was at stake.


Gears of War 3 – “DOM!”


The whole story has been fun from the start, but now it was time to make a choice. Dom is in a severe depression, mourning the loss of his family. All he has left is his friends and his gun. Marcus, that to him was a brother, was the thing that he valued the most now.


When it was time to get out of Mercy, it all begins to fall apart. There’s no escape, and no chance of survival. As the squad fought wave after wave of Locust, Lambent and Lambent Humans, Dom figured out the way to make way for everyone. When it came to be, the only way out was if they blew the tank that contained Inmulsion with force.


Dom sacrificed himself to destroy the enemy hordes. Dom now is with his family in the sky, but Marcus and his friends miss him.


Gears of War 3 – It’s over, but at what price…


We found Marcus’ dad, and he has the solution to finish off the Lambent. As the squad fought the Locust Queen and her beast, Tempest, the machine slowly powered up to finally bring peace to all… All but to Marcus.


First Anthony Carmine, then Benjamin Carmine, then Prescott, then Dom and now the one that he has fought all this time: his dad. Marcus’ dad injected himself with Inmulsion to accelerate the effects of it, and considered himself a goner.


As the machine roared for 4th time or so, he tells his son, that he’s happy that he could see him one last time… and to go out and live for him. Then the machine activates and sends it’s destructive wave, killing Marcus’ dad in front of him, turning into ashes.


Halo Reach – Last Stand


Through Reach, you see all your friends die one by one. Slowly but surely, your chances of survival are looking slim. When it looks that it’s over, you have your one last mission: survive all you can. All alone in the desert, surrounded by enemy forces, you must try to survive. But that’s not an option now.


They find their way to pin you down. Your helmet falls down, and you see the cinematic where they surround you, and you trying to keep yourself alive. Then it happens… you die in the hands of an Elite with his sword. Your mission did not go in vain. As time passed, all that effort did not go to waste, as afterwards, the Master Chief comes to finish what you left for him.


Mass Effect – Bomb Must go Off


Your job as a Spectre is simple: Track down Saren and bring him to justice. You gather a group and find a base where Saren was making a Krogan army and developing the cure for their “curse”. It all goes according to plan when suddenly, you find yourself talking to the one that’s really behind it all: a Reaper called Sovereign.


So the place is unstable, and the only way to destroy the place is to place a massive bomb. When the bomb is being armed, you get news that Saren is up ahead, as well as the crew arming the bomb is being attacked. You have to make a decision, and with that decision, you have to sacrifice one person.


Whatever the decision came to be, you’ll face off Saren and eventually talk to him. You find out he’s a puppet in all of this. He insists that he saw what will happen and that he is the key to the salvation of all life. But then you have to make a quick and close escape from the base, leaving behind one of your crewmates. As it blows away, Shepard looks at it as if he was saying goodbye… Until…


Mass Effect – Saren

As we come to know, he is not the one at fault, but a puppet. He has been indoctrinated and you try to talk to him to come to his senses. A long conversation comes to play, when you have to convince him he can still be a hero. But it all depends how you play that part.


If you play it right, you’ll make him come to his senses, and look at the error of his ways, and that he is a puppet being controlled. He says “Thank you” and commits suicide, to stop Sovereign from using him. After that, we all learn that he was not a bad guy all this time.

If you play it differently, you’ll engage in combat with him. After a long battle, he then loses his balance, making him fall into the crystal ground beneath him, breaking it and making him take his last breath as a large piece of the glass spikes through him. After this, you’ll never know why he did all of this.

Mass Effect 2 – Warn the others: The Reapers are coming!


To make everyone live to tell tale, you must gain their respect. And to gain their respect, you must make sure they feel safe and that they have no important business before going through the Omega Relay. The game gives you the option to do their Loyalty mission so they can survive in the Suicide Mission.

At first I thought “Maybe the Suicide Mission is just a saying, since I’ll beat it anyways”. Wrong! The definition is literal, as I found out why. After I passed the Omega 4 Relay, there was the So-Obvious romance scene, but what happened afterwards was not so pretty. My crewmates started dying as the cinematic rolled by of the Normandy avoiding the Debris field.

When it landed, I started to make the wrong decisions, and one by one, started to die. At the end of the Reaper battle, Sheppard was the only one alive. Sheppard called Joker to pick him up, but it wasn’t for a pick-up. He jumped to grab onto the ship but he couldn’t. He was too hurt, and in his final words to Joker “Warn the others. The Reapers are coming.” Then he lets go, and Joker hauls ass out of there. With a huge explosion behind him, with all the crew dead and in the abyss of nowhere.

GTAIV – Dead Man’s Hand, Roman


When it comes down to cousins, the Bellic Family has a few loose screws. Roman Bellic had a money problem, as well as for lies, but he’s still family. After a long thought of what I’ll end up deciding in the game, this takes a toll.

After a wedding, you get out of the church with your friends and cousin, a mafia man comes after you. Only that you didn’t get hit, but your cousin did. He takes his final breaths and die in Niko’s hand. Then revenge goes sweet, but it’s still a sad moment.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – How God’s Fall

Even though this is normally from an Anime, it’s still in a videogame, so it’s valid. After so long, Lord Jiraiya has been one successful mentor of Naruto. After so many hard battles and many foes, especially with Orochimaru’s minions, it was never impossible. Until Pain came in.

The Leaf Village senses that there is something wrong, and Jiraiya has been sent out for this mission. When he arrives to the Land of the Rain, he then encounters a familiar face… one of his students. He realizes that he means business, so it went down as a sentimental battle.

After a while, Jiraiya feels that he needs to unleash his full potential to see if he could beat him and his “clones”, but he was overpowered. After the beating, Jiraiya knows he’s close to death and sends out a message for Naruto and the Leaf Village, making his last vow and die drowning.

Brutal Legend – The way to Ophelia’s Heart

Eddie Riggs had a thing for Ophelia from the start, but it grew bigger and bigger every time. As the time passed by, Eddie learns of Ophelia’s true self. Later on, he went to face her. Then when it came to be, the visit to Doviculus. Then, Doviculus just rips out her heart like nothing, placing it right besides his. Sad and disturbing right?

Fight Night Champion – Stay Frosty, Raymond

So you are Andre Bishop, a know man in the Middleweight division at first, then after you get out of prison, you try out for Heavyweight. But before you, Raymond Bishop wanted a shot as well. He decided to be promoted by McQueen, and get to fight Isaac Frost, the Heavyweight Champion. But at what price.

Raymond didn’t know that he was being set-up knowing that Raymond isn’t ready for this kind of fights yet. Isaac doesn’t find any mercy on beating him. He hits Raymond with all his might and beat him to a bloody pulp. Later on, Andre wants revenge, but not at that pace…yet.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – DAD!

You are Wayne Holden, and you work with your father in the beginning. You get to what it seems like a large storage room and see an akrid called Green Eye. You run for your life until you encounter a Vital Suit (VS).

When you enter the VS, you will set foot on a fight against the Green Eye, but only for a short time. A cinematic rolls and you see your dad step in front of you. The Green Eye just simply kills him in your face. Then you are making your escape, only to end up frozen for 30 years.

Fire Emblem – I’ll Avenge you!

So you’re Ike from the Greil Mercenaries, a group founded by your own father. You train to even surpass him, and swear to protect those who are dear to you, like your friends and your sister. So at the beginning, you just only wonder about what happened to your mother.

So it just plays along until something went horribly wrong and can’t find your father. You go in the search for him, and then a cutscene runs. Ike runs through the forest and see your father fight a Dark Knight (Well, that’s his name anyways). Apparently they know each other, and things just get serious. Then the Dark Knight just impaled Greil by the abdomen, killing him. Nothing sucks more than your father dying in front of you, right?

Resident Evil 2 – Spy or not!

Leon S. Kennedy made his debut here, and with a lot of things he wished to fade away from his memory. But only one thing can’t escape his memories: his love for Ada Wong.

In the Research Facility of Umbrella, under Raccoon City, where William Birkins lurked and created the G-Virus, Ada Wong was searching for the virus. When he didn’t think she was a spy, he had some sort of feelings for her. Later on through the game, she receives one hell of a beating, that makes her life short, either by getting hit by the Tyrant, or get shot by William Birkin’s wife. Either way, it looks as she dies at the end of it all… or did she?

Resident Evil 3 – My Nemesis

In this game, you use Jill, but there’s not much I can say here. Just when you find Brad to escape, and head to the Police Department, you get an unexpected visit from Nemesis. Nemesis goes first after Brad, killing him in a horrible way. After what Brad did in the first Resident Evil, you’d think that Jill would hate him.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Will the verdict ever be made?

Here’s a sucker punch. You are Apollo Justice, an Attorney. In the last case, you get to understand a few cases from before in the game. A lot of secrets untold and the reason why Phoenix Wright lost his attorney badge. The last verdict will be given by your choice. There are two endings, but here’s a secret that makes it sad: a secret of Trucy’s parents, especially of her mother, and the fate of your client rests in your hands at the end.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Murder Boss

In the first Phoenix Wright game, you’re just a rookie, and your mentor, Mia Fey, helping you along the way. Then in the second case, your boss is murdered, and her sister is the suspect. You end up defending her and trusting her that she didn’t do it. But there’s a story why it’s sad.

Before all of this, before Phoenix Wright was an attorney, there was a case that involved a murder. The suspect: Phoenix Wright. He was still a teen and Mia defended him to the end. Apparently, the murderer was Phoenix Wright’s girlfriend. But if you want to learn more about it, play the game. It’s a long story.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Turnabout Goodbyes

In the third case of the first Phoenix Wright game, there was a murder down in a lake. The suspect is your past friend, the person that inspired Phoenix Wright to become an attorney, and your now rival, Miles Edgeworth.

But this has a story: when Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth were in elementary, there was a case that Gregory Edgeworth, Miles’ dad, was attending as an attorney. Then in a elevator, the power went out, trapping Gregory, Miles and a security guard. The air was growing thin and the guard was losing it. Gregory and the guard got into a fight, and Miles saw a gun near him. He threw it, and the gun shot a bullet.

He thinks he murdered his own dad in the elevator all these years, but there’s more to it. Have so little time to explain.

Chrono Trigger – For my Friends, Family & Earth!

You are destined to save the future, and in the long run, you come across with certain characters that join you in this quest. In a particular part of the game, everything just goes awry.

You find yourself with the beast that supposedly destroys all hope for the future, called Lavos. You will see a long conversation, and then later, in order to save your friends, Chrono comes in and sacrifices himself to save everyone. The main character dies, and the hope to save the future grew slim.

But don’t worry, you can bring him back, or finish it without him.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Through my Shadow

So the events of Sonic finding Shadow went to a new level. The fight is taken to space, and to finish it once and for all. Shadow, created in the Ark, had a sentimental value of the spaceship. It’s where his love resided for Maria, a person that he made a vow for.

When the Ultimate Bioweapon was released, and defeated once, the Ark heads at violent speed to collide with Earth. Shadow, still full of hate, saw what needed to be done, and put his personal feelings aside to fulfill her wish. When it was time to finish it, he used every last bit of his energy to make a Chaos Control with Sonic, sacrificing himself in the process. Everyone acknowledged his doings, and didn’t go in vain.

The Darkness – Love over Hate

Jackie was possessed by The Darkness, and at what time. Jackie had a girlfriend that he cared for so much, and didn’t want anything to harm her. But alas, that was impossible knowing his uncle is blasted pissed off at him.

So he captures her and takes her to the old Orphanage to finish the deed. When Jackie gets there, he sees her trying to escape, and his uncle beating her time to time. When he had enough, he put her face against the crystal in the door in front of Jackie, and said her final words: “It’s not your fault, Jackie”. His uncle pulls the trigger, killing her in front of him. Sucks right?

Well, that's about it. These are not even half of the saddest moments I have witnessed in videogames, but these were the most common ones. If I missed any of them, please add them in the comment box. I'm sure people will agree with your sad moment. Stay Strong, gamers.