While everyones panties tend to get wet over shiny graphics and forgettable voice acting thats dryer than the foam that forms at the corner of my mouth when I'm thirsty, I noticed that reviewers and gamers alike tend to overlook my favorite parts to a game. Here's a nifty little list to show you what I mean.

Enemy Design

Unless the game is God Of War or Mass Effect the enemy design in games will go completely unnoticed, which is a d*mn shame.


Its like we've become desensitized from awesome looking enemies, its no wonder developers just say "F*ck it" and give us another generic flying eyeball enemy for the 100th time in games.

Good Dialogue

Infamous 2 has a ton of great moments in dialogue and yet no one seems to care. Darn shame too because it has great moments...in...dialogue.....I'm very good with words but whoever wrote the script for Infamous 2 sure did!

"I don't just call you brother cause it sounds good" - Zeke, the guy everyone hated until he said that

Video game soundtracks are better than real life music

The guy farts on a mic for 6 minutes and gets a paycheck for it.


My most important gripe against todays gamers and reviewers is that video games still have the stereotype of having terrible forgettable music, I just assume that everyone games with their headphones on and don't bother to stop and listen to unappreciated music some poor composer worked hard on for no raisin.

Here's a taste of my favorite game soundtracks:

Thank you for Reading!

I'd like to give a special thank you to the ONE guy that clicked on this blog and quickly scrolled down and left without commenting. Most likely you're probably the only viewer besides me, so thanks.