Any person who has ever played a video game has most likely thought about what life would be like if the things in games actually existed. Some worlds would be incredibly enjoyable to live in, while others would be a complete nightmare. Many seemingly enjoyable worlds, however, would not be nearly as great as they appear to be. Whenever I ask the question: "If you could live in any gaming world, what would it be?" I often receive a response with the same five games/types of games. 

1. Wasteland Type Games

For some odd reason a lot of people think it would be fun to live in a wasteland setting like in Fallout or Rage. It may be because these wasteland games are somewhat reminiscent of the Wild West simply with more technology. People would be free to live and work as they please, no restrictions, no laws, no government (talk about anarchy). You could do whatever you want! Sounds great, doesn't it? Wrong. In all reality the wasteland would be an incredibly cruel and harsh place in which life is dramatically short. Food, water, and any other necessities for life would be invaluable and scarce. To add to this, fighting over these precious resources would inevitably break out leaving the less fortunate and weak even worse off.

Another unwanted result of a wasteland scenario would be the various bandit gangs that would thrive. In every wasteland game, at least from my knowledge, there are always some types of gangs. These gangs are always, and I do mean always, horrifyingly malicious and will not hesitate to quickly eliminate (or torture) any traveler unlucky enough to cross their path. 

One last characteristic of a wasteland that is undesirable is the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. Both Rage and Fallout are very similar in their environments, expansive wastelands destroyed from some sort of nuclear armageddon. If life were to be anywhere near how life is in Fallout, nothing about it would be enjoyable. Mutation and disease would be as common as a two-headed cow in Fallout. If the gangs, starvation, or thirst did not get you, the radiation poisoning would. Hopefully somebody invents Pip-Boy if a nuclear holcaust occurs.

2. The Elder Scrolls Series

The Elder Scrolls games are by far the most common answer as to which gaming environment would be fun to live in. The rolling hills, frigid tundras, and expansive grasslands would be quite the adventure to explore. I mean who wouldn't want to be an adventuring warrior scouring the lands for loot and fame? I know I wouldn't. For one, I don't even have the physical stature to survive as an adventurer (I guarantee I'm not alone on this) and I have zero training with any form of weaponry (this too). Most likely, I would wind up with some unexciting bore of a job like a scribe or something. 

Even if I became an adventurer, I probably wouldn't even last long with all the different creatures lurking around. I may be able to down a mudcrab, but with my luck I would be attacked by a dragon before reaching my first dungeon. If by the smallest chance I made it to said dungeon, the traps would then get me. One false step and I would be plastered against the nearest wall by some spikes or poison darts.

The dangers of any Elder Scrolls game are avoidable to an extent (pesty dragons), however, the real danger would be sheer boredom. What exactly do the normal, non-adventurers do all day? Tend the crops, man the shops, go to the local tavern? Same old, same old. Maybe that's why there are so many dead people in the dungeons.....they all became so distraught with boredom that they went on adventures......and never came back.

3. Most Games with Aliens

  I just want to clarify something, if life was like it is in Star Wars, I would be the happiest person in the galaxy, even the far far away ones. Meeting new alien species, interacting with all the new technology, and perhaps even traveling the galaxy all sound like a blast! Right? But then again, what if life was like it is in some of the more hostile alien universes such as Halo or Xcom: Enemy Unknown. You may be thinking "We'll just fight back! The entire planet of earth will unite and then we'll win!" Sorry to say, unless we have Master Chief and maybe another million or so spartans, that probably wouldn't happen.

The aliens always seem to have better technology and always seem to eliminate our world's greatest militaries without even breaking a sweat. Just look at how much help the marines in Halo are. They have difficulty taking down a single grunt! Not only that, but It seems to be a common trend in many alien games for the aliens to not stop until they wipe out the entire human race to near extinction. For that reason alone I would not want to live in any of these gaming worlds. 

The mass "cleansings" of human populated planets by the Covenant are particularly what strike me when I think of alien invaders. These cleansings are, however, not what I would fear most in the case of any invasion, it's what the aliens would do if I were to be captured alive. The vast amount of experimentation they could perform on a person is truly frightening. I would much rather be instantly vaporized by a laser beam then be experimented on. 

4. Zombie Games

 Everyone says that if there is a zombie apocalypse, they will survive, but if everyone says this and so many people are infected with the zombie viruses, then obviously a lot of them are wrong. There are so many reasons why a zombie apocalypse would be one of the absolute worst environments to live in. It possesses many of the negatives of a wasteland environment such as the lack of necessities and gang activity, but it has one twist: millions of brain hungry zombies! 

However, the zombies would not even be the toughest part of a zombie apocalypse, the fact that you would inevitably lose many people close to you is the most troubling ideas to deal with. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty of watching someone close to you turn into one of those hideous creatures and then being forced to make a decision of what to do to that person. This is why it really bothers me when people say it would be fun to kill zombies because they don't think about how some of those zombies may be people you actually know. 

If, however, I was forced to choose one zombie game to live in, it would be any game but Left 4 Dead. The zombies in that game are insane! They are all incredibly athletic those are just the common infected. Do not even get me started on how terrifying life would be if special infected were existent. 

5. Pokemon



                Pokemon is often one of the games people want to live. At the age of 10 you get to go out on a massive adventure capturing and training pokemon while attempting to make it to the Pokemon League. Sounds great! Actually I find pokemon to be one of the most twisted concepts out of any game. People in that game find it normal to send their 10 year old children out into dark forests, caves, and haunted mansions with a little monster that they just met. Seems normal enough. 

Then we give them "pokeballs" to use as poaching tools to capture innocent and potentially endangered species. If this works out all fine and dandy, the "trainers,"as they call them, then find their nearest daycare, otherwise known as a ditto prostitution ring, to breed their pokemon with a ditto. To top it all off, the trainers then force their pokemon to fight each other with the winner gaining possession of a certain amount of money from the losing trainer. Good thing Michael Vick isn't in Pokemon, he would have had a field day.

In all seriousness though, if pokemon were real, the world would be an incredibly dangerous place. With the vast powers of pokemon people would probably be constantly weary of impending danger. Can you even imagine the amount of destruction a pokemon like Kyogre could possibly do? Even the smallest of pokemon such as Pikachu have the potential to inflict unimaginable damage to people. A world with pokemon is a world I want no part in. 

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