If you've missed it, Microsoft has basically changed their mind about the major points of contention in most internet circles.


The following is a brief summery of the changes, without opinion.


The Xbox 1 will no longer need to be connected to the internet every 24 hours to check in. However, don't think that mean you can get one with out access to the internet, as you need to connect to set the thing up.



Microsoft is removing the ability to share digitally (as a result of removing the need to check in). Instead, you can share game disks with friend, sell them by whatever means you like, and rent them, just like you can now (if you are a console gamer).



No changes here, still required to be connected to the Xbox One. It will have an "off mode" of some kind, which I assume it will basically  be a paper weight above you TV. It will not pick up anything if your Xbox is off, except for the command "Xbox on".


Now, time for the opinions.


Used games!!! That is a big deal for a console gamer. In my opinion, the biggest problem with the One. They also removed the need to connect to the internet after setting up, which opens up the ability to use the thing, even if your internet goes out once in a while.



The digital sharing concept was a genuinely good idea (Steam is rumored to be going down a similar path).


Kinect. A lot of people are worried about it spying on them. Personally, I think if you're that worried about it, put a piece of duct tape over it or something. The problem i have is price. A current kinect costs about $70 USD. I doubt the more advanced Kinect 2.0 (Kinext tm) will cost less. if it wasn't required for the console, the price would be the same as the PS4.



I'm not an expert programer. However, I think they could remove the bad and the indifferent outlined above.  They could make it so you could share games with friends, but play them only if you are currently connected to the internet. That way you remove the bad from the change, while keeping the good. As for Kinect.... It doesn't need to be mandatory. Sell me an Xbox One without it for  $399.99, and if there are any good games I want that use/require it, I'll buy it for $70-100.


Thats my view of things (and also my first blog lol). Please tell me what you think in the comments. What would you do if you were Microsoft?