There's a lot to say about a game that seemingly went out of its way to piss off as much people as possible. The different "tiers" to spend more money on...kind of making developers passive aggressively tell you they wipe their asses with your dinky $60, the *** eating grins they had while explaining their loot crate system, even the controversial "true ending" requirements that looks to be even more of an exhausting slog than Arkham Knight. No...when it's all said and done, I'm kind of glad that most gamers had their heads out their asses when it was time to actually play the game - and boy do they enjoy it, with positive feedback flooding this game on Steam. 

Even I had to glance at this game and came out impressed by how well-done it was. I'm not much of a Lord of the Rings fan, and even I felt jealous not owning it. Now, I'm also not a huge fan of open world games, let alone game set in middle earth that isn't Elder Scrolls (which is bearable because it's one of the few open world games that doesn't have nick knacks to collect every 20 feet), but it was the combat that really blew me away, combining ghostly powers with Arkham Asylum's combat to make it quite the spectacle to watch. Still, I don't plan on getting this game anytime soon...while I think the game looks awesome and totally worth your time, it's just one of "those" games that are more bargain bin pickups than a game I need to have Evil Within 2. 

I'm shocked because...come on, this is PC we're talking about. Fallout 4 gets Mostly Negative reviews because of the Creation Club and any game published by Bethesda is now blacklisted by entitled brats. NBA 2K18 woke up drowning in piss on launch day with Mostly Negative because of its microtransactions (and oddly enough, the forums are...actually pretty relaxed with most people simply discussing the game). Even GTA V made monkeys out of everyone by writing negative reviews on any game made by Rockstar. And then Warner Bros, a publisher notorious for *** PC ports, releases a game with all of the above and is praised for it. Well, at least one AAA game can release without an angry mob obsessed with creating a hive mind of blind hatred for it. Now if we can just change the hearts of people angry over Fallout 4, a game I still boot up once in a while, have no trouble installing new mods on, and is still fun to play...I'd be happier than Santa at a whore house yelling Ho Ho Ho! I'll show myself out.