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New Trailer Shows Off PlayStation Exclusive Content

This new clip lets you in on some of the extra content that PS4 and PS3 owners will receive when they purchase Destiny.

The video, posted on the PlayStation Blog, is below. It shows off some platform-exclusive content like the Exodus Blue multiplayer map, the Dust Palace co-op strike mission, as well as host of gear and weapons.

Destiny is slated to release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9. All the content shown in the video is exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

  • I can't believe Microsoft threw their money at Call of Duty again instead of this!
  • The multiplayer map is the only content that excites me, couldn't care less about the rest of it. Can't wait to start playing next month.
  • Man, I'm missing out with the strike mission but I couldn't care less about the armor/multiplayer map. Everyone will have that armor so it won't be very unique and one multiplayer map won't hurt too much. That strike mission though.... Has there been any word of the expansions being Sony favored? Will each expansion give PS4 an extra strike mission?
  • So, is this all timed-exclusive? The only thing I really care about is the multiplayer map. Also, for the DEFINITIVE version being on Playstation platforms, I expected them to get a lot more exclusive content then that. One extra multiplayer map, One extra Strike mission, two guns and 3 armors just don't seem like that big of difference between the Xbox and Playstation versions.
  • Near the end of the trailer it is noted(in fine print) that this content is a time exclusive until at least the Fall of 2015.
  • Those exclusivity are crap. It's only a commercial thing, I just wish they stopped taking us for fools and just admit that it's a multi-platform game, period.
  • Ahem, you forgot to mention that these are timed exclusives.

  • this game is rated T, since when? i dont mind but dang i like my bad @ss characters to say bad things XD

  • Anyone else having problems with the quality selector dropdown on the GI video player? I can't select anything besides SD due to the dropdown being "underneath" the page background.
  • Really stoked I think this game is going to be great.

  • You'll never miss that content,you'll be busy with so many other things. They plan on supporting this game for 10 years. By the time they release it to Xbox, you'll just be like" Oh yeah, I forgot about that." The wait is so frustrating, this is probably my most wanted game ever.
  • This will be a long two weeks waiting!

  • I am so excited for this game! I am gonna need a year before I get to this extra content anyways.

  • I wouldn't define having the Ultimate Destiny Experience as hoarding content for only your platform that would other wise be on other platforms. But I guess Bungie/Activision has to honor their partners somehow...
  • I'll live until it comes to Xbox. Which I'm sure it will, like all DLC.
  • I'm only really interested in the extra strike mission.
  • I think this is Bungie's way of trying to coax their way into Sony's good graces. That, or Sony gave them a pile of money.
  • Interesting.... I'm sad that I missed the open beta, but I'm looking forward to playing the retail release.

  • That armor...

  • At the end of the day buy it for the one you want it for and enjoy the gosh darn game. I'll be getting for my Xbox One because that's where my friends shall be, but if you guys want to argue I'll just enjoy my game and not care.

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