Last week, we learned that the wraith who accompanies Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's hero is none other than Celebrimbor. The elf helped forge the rings of power for Sauron, before being betrayed and tortured. There's clearly no love lost between the two, which is why Celebrimbor is accompanying the ranger Talion on his own quest for revenge. A new gameplay video shows that the wraith isn't just along for the ride.

The wraith (and players) can dive into the minds of his foes, learning their strengths, weaknesses, and other key information. For example, a fearsome-looking opponent may harbor a deep fear of bees, and dropping a hive on him could cause him to flee in terror. Celebrimbor can also possess enemies, forcing them to fight one another on your behalf. 

For more information on the game, which is coming September 30, visit our hub.