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Fairy Fencer F

Unleash The Furies This Fall

NIS America's Fairy Fencer F has a new batch of screens that show off the lead characters. The game was originally released in Japan in October of last year but is being localized for North America and Europe.

The RPG puts you in the shoes of Fang, a young man who discovers a Fury - a sword imbued with godly energy - and inadvertently becomes a Fencer, a warrior who can wield a Fury. The gameplay features turn-based combat and plenty of customization.

Some of the characters shown include Fang, the edgy and foul-mouthed lead, Pippin, a wise and mysterious fencer, and Tiara, a hot-headed and masochistic fencer. The screens and the rest of the characters can be seen in the gallery below.

Fairy Fencer F is set to release on September 23 on the PlayStation 3. To see a trailer for the game as well as some additional information, read our previous coverage.

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  • So in other words... Its the exact same NIS game But with a new story and new characters and locations.
  • Staff
    Do we have to?
  • So within the next two months I have Tales of Xillia 2, Fairy Fencer F, and Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star to look forward to.

    Its gonna be a busy Fall

  • Sh*t like this gets localized and yet Yakuza 5 is still lost in Japan only land.
  • Another JRPG to add to my list of games for fall

  • So from the thumbnail for this article, I can only say one thing: nice keyblade, guy.

  • Mod

    I should get it...only when I'm not stuffed with games I need to get.

  • need!

  • I Have Fury!

  • It is so weird, just 6 months ago I would skip a game like this. I played Hyper Neptunia and my whole world became broader. I am excited for this game.

  • ..WHY CAN'T I HOLD ALL THESE GAMES?! Sadly I'll probably have enough money for one game this fall and since I have destiny paid off its going to be Inquisition. One of these days though! I don't have enough JRPGs.

  • I'll have to pick this up when I catch up on my backlog.