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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Female Tengu Throws Team Ninja's Roster Around

Team Ninja released Dead or Alive Ultimate back in September of last year, but the developer isn't done tinkering with the title. A female version of the final boss Tengu will soon saunter her way into the ring.

Female Tengu isn't just a new costume but an entirely new character for the game, and she is described as a trickster character with a focus on aerial movement. Many of her attacks look similar to the original Tengu, but you can watch her in action in the video below.

Female Tengu will release to console versions of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in Japan later this month, so we imagine we'll start hearing about a western release soon.

Check out some of the ridiculous Halloween-themed DLC costumes that Team Ninja released last year.


[Source: Famitsu via Siliconera]

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  • This oddly feels childish. First ever where I haven't been, "boobs."

  • This is exactly the reason I decided to skip on DoA5. Too much damn DLC scattered everywhere. Make a proper game Team Ninja and then I'll buy your damn game.

  • My god those voices are so high pitched, whiny and annoying.
  • No d i l d o nose. 2/10 we need more red nose.

  • ... Most of the females in this game are really young right? Like 14-17, right? Something keeps telling me that Kasumi and Ayane are just freaking 16 years old.... Lol I dunno.
  • Very cool! I will be buying her!!!
  • Recently I have been wondering how some Japanese publishers like Konami and Tecmo are staying in business and in the latter's case it's making an absurd amount of DLCs for one game.

  • I hated this game when I had it for my ps3 I owned the original dead or alive 5 but it was no where as good as mortal kombat.

  • Makes me think of a goofier Juri.

  • Mod
    It's funny that Skullgirls caught so much flak for having an all female cast (probably still do) and yet here's Dead or Alive, just constantly churning out the pixels, I mean boobs...I meant pixelated boobs...crap....
  • How Bout a Next Get DOA

    and i thought that Kasumi Clone was the boss....

  • Time to pull DOA out again !