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Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport Arrives On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360 In June

For Grid Autosport, developer Codemasters is hoping to return the series to its roots.

At a recent Bandai Namco event, senior executive producer Clive Moody and senior designer Andy Stewart were on hand to showcase the upcoming Grid Autosport, and share what’s changing for the series.

Moody and Stewart, like many developers, are paying close attention to fan feedback. For Autosport, the team has decided to remove frivolous elements that have padded previous entries in the series, and focus simply realistic racing. Things like point-to-point racing and unnecessary management-sim aspects have been removed, for example, as they don’t represent an authentic racing experience, Moody and Stewart said.

In the past, the developer has worked with professional racers to influence their design decisions, but for Autosport, the team has expanded its pool of resources to team managers, engineers, and even journalists who cover racing in order to get feedback from all sectors of racing.

The game will offer five distinct racing classes. The Touring Car mode will appeal to aggressive racers. Endurance offers night races for those who want to drive for extended periods of time. Open Wheel races will allow for highly modified cars. Street Racing offers iconic locations to race in, as well as more right angle corner turns for added challenge. Finally, open world racing will allow racers to fight for first on a large, open track.

Standard Grid features, like the ability to rewind a mistake persist, but you will also find new additions like cockpit cams, and the ability to request information from pit crews on demand.

Another big update for Grid Autosport is the expansion of its online browser component, Racenet. The new Racenet allows for Club creation (basically clans) that can have up to 100 members. Each club will collect experience as a large pooled group and then you can compete with other clubs.

In terms of multiplayer, you will still find split-screen as well as online modes. Grid Autosport’s focus for online is long-term progression, with each discipline offering 99 levels. The car you use online will also deteriorate over time, like a real car. You can choose to keep racing with the car you have been racing with and heavily customized, but it will be more susceptible to expensive repairs if you make mistakes. Time trial leaderboards also remain.

Grid Autosport is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 24.

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  • PC is the leading platform for this game... But for Game Informer PC isn't even worthy enough to be mentioned in the headline. sigh
  • Wow...this game would of looked gorgeous on next gen consoles

  • No current gen release, no sale. Sorry Code Masters.

  • This looks great and I love how Codemasters manages to make the cars in their games feel like they have an actual weight and mass, and isn't just some polygonal shell gliding over a surface, as a lot lf racers tend to.. .. But removing point to point? Say it isn't so! Those are the tracks I seek out in racers! It makes you think differently while racing. You have to remember Like 20+ turns as opposed to like 8, and you have only one shot at each one! It's completely thrilling!! Say it isn't so Codemasters!
  • Ok I admit that I was one of the haters on the other thread about this yesterday but the trailer looked great andit seems like Codemasters are going back to their old roots while adding new ones with this game. But Im still a bit skeptical and will wait for gameplay and more info cuz if I see a hint of drifting around corners like mario karts, i dont think Ill be buying or a least wait for a price drop. And this game gives me another reason not to go Next Gen for a lil bit longer. Hopefully this game is good and Codemasters earns some of my respect back after that atrocious piece of garbage Grid 2.
  • Yeah griimey I was also dissing grid2 for being too drifty because drift was cool for five minutes. If they say they are getting real I will give it a shot. They have the skills. They can do it if they want to.

    The latest codemasters F1 should be in my mail today. I like it for the tracks. If a game came with one car and that's all but had lots of tracks I would not care.

  • if your car deteriorates over time does that mean the game will punish abusive drivers through expensive repairs and car replacements.

  • Sounds promising. Sounds like the old Race Driver games. I hope we get more realistic handling than Grid 2, but keep some special modes such as live routes. Plus, it looks like it has Indycar! :) I hope it doesn't dissapoint.

  • Seriously? I'm getting really hacked of with this now.. I waited 6 months, SIX FRICKING MONTHS after release to buy an XB1 and PS4, and yet the last two game announcements I've been interested in (Borderlands and GRID) are previous gen only?! WTF? I'm just so utterly disappointed in developer support for the current gen of consoles.
  • Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose.

  • Pretty amazing graphics