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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

New Trailer Invites Players Back To Symphonia

A new trailer was released today by Namco Bandai Games America for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. The trailer invites players to return to Symphonia through a mix of animated cinematics and in-game battles. 

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles contains both Tales of Symphonia and the follow up game Dawn of the New World. The two titles were originally published on the Gamecube and Wii, respectively, but will now be realized with HD visuals in Chronicles. 

Chronicles will include features that were previously unavailable in the west, including the original Japanese voice-overs and a casino-themed location in Tales of Symphonia. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will release exclusively on PlayStation 3 February 25.

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  • This game was why a bought a game cube
  • Fantastic indeed. This (Tales of Symphonia) was one of many great Gamecube games that I played back in the day. Looks like I will be buying this HD-remastered gem (and trying the sequel that I never played on the Wii) soon.

  • As a Tales fan that's not played either of these, I am looking forward to seeing if this is actually worth all the hype... and I need something to tide me over until Xillia 2~
  • To be honest I didnt like the trailer. It didnt give me a feel for the game but I'm hoping to get it soon. I really wish it was for the PS4 since my brother hogs the PS3.

  • God, I wish I had gotten into the Tales of series earlier. I got my first Tails game last week, Xillia. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite RPG's ever. I can't wait to try the other Tales games and preorder Xillia 2. If I had gotten into the series earlier I would have preordered the collectors edition of Symphonia Chronicles in a heartbeat. Oh well, I guess I'll get it off Ebay in a few months or something.
  • I remember beating the gamecube version back in the day. It was pretty decent. It's the only Tales game I ever played. The highlight of the game was the Kratos character. I don't remember much else about the game.

  • im getting this tomorrow or Friday so i am looking forward too 100% tails of semphonia agean just sad thought that the earth dragon ain't dropping 10,000 galia ow whatever was currincy in the game thay dropped it too 1,000. dam buggers.

  • Hay GI guy, the game cube game was 4players, is this one to since your info box says 1player(s)?
  • People not in the know often wonder what the appeal is of the Tales games. I'll tell you: It's because almost every single Tales game is a deconstruction of the JRPG genre in general. It takes its time to glue together a mash of cliches, and then proceeds to tear them to shreds.
  • Looks great to hold me over until Xillia 2 makes its way westward,

  • Lets see the first Tales game I played and completed was Tales of The Abysses, I played Symphonia on GameCube but never finished it, so now seems like a good chance to finish it and to play the Sequel that I missed out on as well

  • Man, can't wait to dive back in to this masterpiece. Tales of Symphonia is my top Gamecube game with RE4 coming in a close second, and it's probably one of my top games of all time. Heck, I'm even excited for Dawn of the New World, and I didn't care for it too much when I beat it! Still, not looking forward to hearing Lloyd's dramatic voice change from the first game to the second...

    Also, did anyone else think this trailer was disappointing?

  • I've had this pre-ordered since it was first announced. Tales of Symphonia was my first "Tales of" game, and I loved everything about it. I cannot wait to get back into the world and the characters. Too bad the sequel fell flat for me, especially with the entire cast's voice changes.

  • Mod

    I shall definitely get this when I'm done with Xillia!

  • My only question is this: Why isn't this on Wii U? Symphonia was a Nintendo exclusive, why isn't it still?
  • yup. a must buy...guess I'll get the standard...I really want the LE D:
  • Going to pick this up right after work tomorrow. Gotta finish up Xillia first though.

  • So excited for this game! I'm picking my copy up tomorrow--I love the Tales series and I never got to play the GameCube version, so I'm really looking forward to it.

  • would really love this on the ps4....;_;

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