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Dark Souls II

An Ominous World Revealed Through A Batch Of New Screens

The folks at Dark Souls unveiled a wealth of new screenshots today, featuring enemies both familiar and brand new. One of the screenshots shows a player dual-wielding weapons, a new feature for Dark Souls II.  Hex spells are also new for magic users, in addition to the already available Sorcery, Miracle, and Pyromancy types of magic. The screens also show off new environments ranging from dusty caves to lush, overgrown ruins.

Dark Souls will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 11, 2014.

[Source: Dark Souls on Facebook]

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  • nerdgasm

  • Ugh. if they would just give us the game are ready we wouldn't need the screen shots...

  • These screens, yes. I'm preparing for this release!

  • Despise how heavily they're pushing online play; it's almost like they're forcing it on people like me who don't play well with others. I always hated the laggy multiplayer in Dark Souls. I'd spend all day trying to summon Solaire or one of the other NPC characters to help me with a specific boss (Whoever designed the 4 Kings is a sadistic ***), only to get lag-stabbed from across the room by an invading player. There were a few times when I'd get back stabbed through my front. Like, they'd teleport behind me after clipping through my character and pressing attack for an unstoppable attack that renders them invincible and kills me. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad they're reducing the invincibility frames and changing the backstab mechanics, but dammit, I don't want to play with other people. I'm a casual player, and in this game that means "prey". Besides, there are way more douchenozzles and griefers online than anything else. They'll find some way to exploit the game's mechanics and troll other players. Still, I liked playing Dark Souls. Hoping offline mode still exists, because that's what I'll be playing on. Edit: I actually had this in a read-able format, but the page insists on slamming all the text into one wall. U.U'
  • Dual-wielding is not a new feature... Also, Hex spells?


  • I got Dark Souls for 5$ and love it to death. The game play is precise and rewarding. That is why I will purchase Dark Souls 2 on release. That is all.