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Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD

Launch Trailer And Screens For Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

The HD version of this former Vita exclusive released yesterday, and Ubisoft has released new images and a video giving potential players an idea of what to expect.

Check out the trailer and screens below. If you played the original, you already know how the story plays out. However, this is your chance to play it with improved visuals, and without the broken Vita-specific minigames.

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  • Saw someone play it, and its urging me not to buy it. The story is boring so far, and I've been seeing a lot of bugs.

  • Looks pretty good to me

  • Really enjoyed the Vita version.  I didn't experience any major bugs, just little ones that didn't pull me away from my enjoyment.  I have the Platinum so I won't be picking this up unless it comes via PS+.  The Vita version looks great but this PS3 version looks amazing.  I highly recommend it to anyone that loves AC!

  • Down loaded yesterday! :)

  • If you hold the Black Flag season pass on 360 and want to get this, don't get it from the Black Flag game menu screen like Freedom Cry, get it from the xbox dashboard and you'll get a $5 discount. It seems kind of backwards, but it works.

  • I kind of want to play this, but I played the Vita version when it came out and I didn't really enjoy it much. I never finished it so maybe I should give it a second chance.
  • All of AC's trailers look the same to me now. I'll pick this up sometime over the summer, but it's not very high on the priority list

  • Got it for 5 bucks on PC (had a voucher left) and just finished the first sequence. It plays differently from Black Flag obviously but so far it's fun. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the game. Lots of achievements for a 'ported' mobile title - wonder what the scale is going to be. At some point, I want a full-fledged female assassin Assassin's Creed. Place it in China or Japan and it'll be the best freaking thing ever!
  • A female character that you can actually use!!! This is awesome. I am really excited for this. Loved it on the vita.

  • A female character that you can actually use!!! This is awesome. I am really excited for this. Loved it on the vita.

  • burnt out on AC awhile ago.

  • Fantastic trailer! I will have to give this a try!