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Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls' Launch Trailer Sells The Action

Beyond: Two Souls released today, and as is customary in our video game culture, a trailer has been created to commemorate the occasion.

It's the most gameplay you'll get to see before the Let's Play videos starting flooding YouTube if they haven't already. Make sure to check out our review of the game here where Matt Helgeson calls it a "flawed epic".

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  • Jodie is in the desert to represent ah, my feet because dey are dry -David Cage
  • Don't understand the mixed review so far. 7.75 from GI, not bad, but I never based a game on their reviews (as in I look at the flaws they pointed out, not the score). 6 from IGN, well, their reviewer Lucy is one of the least favorite reviewers so it makes sense, and a 9 from Gamespot. Friends have been telling me to pick it up, but these reviews confuse me. I guess I'll just go buy it, looks great anyway.
  • Exclusives should not exist! Everybody should get Halo/ Titanfall and Everybody should be able to play Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls! WHOS WITH ME????
  • I loved Heavy Rain, but based on the reviews I have seen I'll be returning my preorder and waiting until this game is cheap.

  • Played the demo. Twice. I understand the mixed reviews. This will be his best acted game, I will rent and beat because of Page and Dafoe alone. But I strongly feel this is David Cage's worst written game ever, and Indigo Prophecy got pretty bad. Overblood bad at the end.

    I don't want to play the military scenes at all and I know I'll have no choice. And anybody on the fence, I recommend playing the demo twice. On one of them, try to actively kill Ellen. During chase scenes, put the controller down, yes on the floor. You will still kill the dogs and evade the cops.

    Doing it this way you can see how big the flaws are, yet see how the game does sort of change and maybe its still worth a shot after that. After the demo I will only rent the game.
  • I wants a ps3!
  • I think this is an interesting game not because of the story, but because it actually raises an interesting question among the industry. What exactly can be defined as a video game? From everything I have read so far, this is more of a movie than a game since very little of the player's input matters.

    Needless to say this could be the stuff of debates soon enough. I myself love to enjoy a good story more than anything and I sometimes play games that don't have the best gameplay for the story, but when a game has little to no gameplay  I wonder if it's more of an interactive movie than a game.

  • You know, I really don't get all of the mixed responses to this game; I think it's pretty good. It's not anything fantastic, and it's definitely not something that'll sell you a PS3 just to play, but it's a solid experience, and so far, it's a good story. It has some notable flaws, but it's definitely worth trying.
  • Gonna buy and play the hell out of this game!

  • I'm about an hour and a half in to the game and I'm digging it so far. Being a super spooky ghost/entity thing feels so empowering to me for some reason. Especially as he gradually becomes more malevolent as you play.

  • I want it....

  • Just beat the game (Yay for being unemployed.... hire me someone please!) and i gotta say it was amazing, although short coming in at around 8 hours. Also... even virtual Ellen Page is hot...

  • I bought this game and glad I did, cause I enjoyed heavy rain so much I wish it was more like Heavy Rain, I think David Cage needs to have an attitude adjustment cause while playing thru this so far I feel his ego got in the way of giving fans what they wanted. Oh well im still happy I have this and GTA V to close out my ps3 library collection. onward into the future. the ps4 and david cage.if you still refuse to give us Heavy Rain 2.. YOU"RE FIRED! how about that. go make syfy movies or something cause its like you have ADD when it comes to actual gaming. Sony says this is not like heavy rain.. BS! even the controller buttons feels just like HR..  I mean c'mon guys you're better than this. it feels more like a movie than a game here's a brief flow chart.

    Speak, Speak.. Hold L2, tap X, tap O, R2, shake controller, Hold L2+R2... speak speak.. up, down, side to side, now twerk... THIS right here in Beyond Heavy Rain two souls with CO-OP!..priceless

  • Its good so far that Ive played. The beyond toucb app works well with it. I still prefer a controller bht it would be good for co op.

  • It is too bad the demo makes my PS3 overheat otherwise I'd purchase this game.
  • I'm like 3 hours into the game and loving every minute of it, it's just what I expected from Quantic Dream so it's all good so far, I reserve my final judgment until I actually finish it. Also my wife is also right in there with the story, she was the one who encouraged me to keep on playing last night. This is first I must say :-)
  • Let's see a test chamber!

  • I've thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.

  • Looks pretty cool.  One of my most anticipated games of the year.  Can't wait to play it.