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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

See The Miqo'te Costume In Action In The Latest Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Square Enix revealed that Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV would be crossing over, and now we get to see Final Fantasy XIII's side of the partnership.

We've seen pictures of Lightning's Miqo'te costume, but the new trailer shows it in action, along with its customization options. Is it just me, or does Lightning's motivated scowl make her seem like the kind of person who wouldn't be caught dead wearing cat ears and a cat tail? She seems way too serious about a personality.

Square Enix has been very fond of releasing new trailers for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and you can check out some of the previous ones here, here, and here. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • Oh boy, just when I thought this whole costume thing couldn't get weirder, Square impresses me.

  • Based on Lightnings personality I think she wouldn't be caught dead in the vast majority of outfits this game offers.
  • Doesn't seem like something her character would wear. Doesn't look like effective armor either. Pretty graphics though.

  • The second I saw the costume, I cracked up. She looks so uncomfortable in it (even though she doesn't know the difference). Nice design, but I think I'll stick to the original outfit.

  • Y'know what? I like the fact that Lightning can embrace her cosplay side.

  • She dresses like that and acts hardcore. Am I supposed to take her seriously. Who knows next she'll dress as sexy school teacher or gym coach.
  • Nothing wrong with dressing characters in scantily clad costumes but when you do it to characters that would never wear those kinds of costumes it bothers me.
  • Not enough skin.

  • Really looking forward to this game. I really liked the job switching mechanic in previous FF games too. I also like that there seems to be more than a little bit of customization for the costumes.

  • I have the ff games but the this is to much and the fist two lets not go they I miss the turn based rpg of old and the mertia or junction fight systerms plz bring them back in the next on pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I think the combat looks fun, but the outfits bother me.... Why can't they all be super cool looking like the other one in the trailer?

  • *Turns on Incognito mode on web browser*
  • FAN_SERVICE. I mean, Fan Service is okay, but scant costumes appear to be a core features of the game. I seem to remember something similar happening last time Final Fantasy had a lead female protagonist (looking at you FF10x2). My questions is why can't they take female leads seriously, because I'm pretty sure there have been more trailers about the costumes than the game play and story combined.
  • Honestly you hear square enix complaining about sales and yet they are releasing this. I already pre-ordered it but I know people do not like 13 or 13-2
  • Hothothot.

  • I bet they have a lot of fun dressing her up at Square.
  • Will anyone ever understand Japan?
  • I've actually stopped being irked by the costumes and actually just appreciate their comic effect. Lightning's furrowed brow is absolutely priceless in those cat ears. I can't wait until Square Enix finally reveals the Chocobo beaked costume for DLC. . . lol

  • oy vey, it's FF X-2 all over again

  • From the story and gameplay trailers, it gives the impression that it is a serious and drama filled story, but all the silly costumes seems like it will lighten the mood a bit.

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