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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Hear Kiefer Sutherland As Snake In The English Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

We've seen this trailer before, but this is the first time we've seen it in English.

The original Japanese version of the trailer was shown just over a year ago. It's weird hearing the trailer in English, and even stranger to hear a different voice coming from Snake's mouth.

For more on Metal Gear Solid V check out our recent interview with Hideo Kojima, five important changes coming to Metal Gear, as well as our impressions of the TGS demo.

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  • i will watch with tears is my eyes
  • noooooooooo!

  • He just doesn't have the same grainy voice that I've come to recognize Snake to have. It's tough to listen to...but oh well, I'm still going to play the crap out of this game.
  • This hurts way too much to hear not coming from David Hayter...I still find it complete bullcrap because the Japanese VA is the same.
  • he fits the role fine, the only reason people are having trouble with this, myself included, is the fact that for so long now David Hayter has had the role and has made Snake who he is in our minds, I'm okay with this because Big Boss always sounded different from Snake so they would have had to transition to another actor at some point, but it's still a bit of a sore spot not having Hayter in the role
  • "This is good, isn't it?"
    Well... it's just not Hayter. Snake, Solid and Naked, is known for the gruff voice. It doesn't sound right, especially since he still looks like a fairly young Big Boss. But, damn, this game looks amazing, in visuals and cinematics. I'm gonna watch the other trailer right now.
  • He's not bad but him being Big Boss bothers the sh*t out of me, the entire process of Metal Gear going hollywood bothers me actually. Does anyone honestly think Avi Arad or Kiefer know half of the things that the fans do? It just feels like this is just the slow process of a successful series selling out. The game is gonna be incredible don't get me wrong, but I'm worried about what happens to the series afterwards. Hideo can pull a George Lucas any day now.
  • As others have said, it's complete bull crap that they got rid of Hayter. Now we're not so much playing Metal Gear Solid as we are the best 24 game we could possibly get.

    Here's hoping one of our codec contacts is named Chloe.

  • Has it been confirmed that that is Volgan(guy with the scares?) talking to the prisoner? Because that sounds a lot like him!
  • All I hear is Jack Bauer dubbed over a character model of Snake.

    I can't even relate at all to Snake now. It feels like there's not even anything coming out of his mouth without Hayter doing the voice. I mean sure another voice actor could fill the role left by Hayter, but why Kiefer? Why someone with such a recognizable voice as him? I don't think Kojima understands just how popular 24 was in America.

    I sincerely hope this is an elaborate ruse, because this game is going to just not be anywhere near as impactful to me with Snake sounding the way he does now.
  • Hearing Kiefer as Snake just sounds weird if you ask me. If he had been Snake from the start chances are I would be fine with him, but it used to be David and even so David sounds so much more convincing. Kiefer just doesn't deliver "kept you waiting, huh?" in the proper cadence (not to sound like a huge crybaby, snobby critic).
  • Does anyone really need to be reminded of what Kiefer's voice sounds like? It's very distinguishable. Although it's no longer David Hayter, Kiefer fits the role and I'm sure he'll do justice to the character.
  • Kojima screwed up. :/
  • I honestly feel like we're being toyed with again. Hayter is still doing his cryptic posts on Twitter, Kojima is being his usual mysterious self and we really haven't heard much from Sutherland.
  • I bet Solid snakes in the game,one of the biggest reasons for solid snakes voice was cigarettes,liquid had a higher voice too.

  • When can i pre order this!!!???

  • how sweet would it be that you put the game in and then it just straight up says David Hayter as snake. i would *** my pants

  • Keifer sounds great. I will not lie he's a great fit and it will take time to get use to. But change is good and I will get this game . I am too addicted to MSG to pass this up. Keifer is a class A actor. Let's give him a chance. His resume is truly impressive and he is a household name.
  • Now Hayter's gonna play Jack Bauer in the 24 movie.
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