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Call of Duty: Ghosts

New Campaign Trailer Shows Battle In Space, Devastation On Earth

Activision has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, with a focus on the traditionally bombastic single-player campaign. The clip shows a battle in space, as well as the effects on Earth following a devastating attack.

Fans of the game's canine companion, Riley, will likely appreciate the quick shot of him yanking an enemy from a helicopter. 

For more on the game's multiplayer, take a look at our video impressions.

Look for the game on current-gen consoles on November 5, on November 14 for PlayStation 4, and on November 22 on the Xbox One.

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  • Other than the Space battle and the dog attacking the helicopter this didn't look bad.
  • Wow, deja vu. Interesting how that aircraft carrier moment felt like a Michael Bay retelling of Battlefield 4's aircraft carrier level. Plus this game feels very similar to Treyarch games and not Infinity Wards. Weird.
  • Well this certainly looks over-the-top ridiculous. Every cliche from every action movie it seems. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Only thing that was missing was missile launch in which the good guy says, "You're fired."

    Also, the face textures up close look really dated to me. Low res.
  • COD campign's always play pretty good. Sometimes short
  • I'm soo over COD. The trailer had exactly what I was expecting to see. C'mon activision I need to see some originality. Not just a "dog".
  • If the dog dies I'm gonna be pissed
  • Shooting guns in space and a freakin dog takin down a helicopter was just plain ridiculous....but the rest isn't so bad...I heard they will finally have dedicated servers. I hated dying around corners so maybe I might check this out.
  • Awesome.The more they show. The more I know about this game, the less I hate COD. Its shaping up to be COD4 all over again.
  • Is it me or is the Space ships firing Metal rods whit the name Odin on them sorta like out of that new GI Joe movie same concept if i'm not mistaken and i think the systems name is even the same. Also gun battles in Space surprize i didnt see a dog floating around in a suit biting people. Also the aircraft carrier sideways whit the plane coming off of it looks exactly like BF4's one. I'm skipping this CoD entry just gonna stick whit Bops 2 and BF4.
  • booo cod booooooooooooo! now that thats out of the way i'll probably pick this up 6 months or so after bf4 :) i dont care about singleplayer and i havent played singleplayer since mw2
  • I can see why they dropped the modern warfare sub title...

  • I am just going to say, if they have a underwater level and a "space" level in single player they better make it MP as well, i bet they will make a lot of 12/15 years old happy.

  • Awesome soundtrack. The story looks interesting this time around. I think I just dislike Treyarch CODs. I always seem to like Infinity Ward ones.
  • Isn't this the same machine in GI JOE Retaliation? I think it was called project zues or something like that.
  • The Dog should be in Smash Bros. 4.
  • wat

  • Ok...that just peaked my interest...

    Moonraker, Red Dawn and Behind Enemy Lines all in one...hmmm
  • I'm over COD completely, no matter how many spin off MP modes you make or maps or any more garbage, they will never fix that jackass 12 year olds play online and call me numerous expletives and the "who sees who first" gets the kill aspect, campaign will be okay at best but very short and more pure multiplayer trash with 15$ DLCs. STOP MAKING THESE GAMES, THEY'RE SH*T.
  • Riley, go fetch! *brings back helicopter*
  • WTF! That outer space action looked kinda cool until they were all floating around in zero-g shooting guns! How ridiculous. And at 2:00 they completely stole that level design from BF4! That was one of the first things DICE showed of BF4, so don't try to say DICE took it from them either. This is one of the few COD installments where the advertising just isn't doing it for me.
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