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Sony Creates Real Life Puppeteer Stage

Puppeteer is coming to PSN and retail next week, and Sony hosted an event with a Puppeteer stage, inviting people to come on stage and improvise.

You can check out one of the videos below, and there are 14 others on on the official Puppeteer YouTube channel. It's certainly one of the stranger ways Sony has tried to get the word out about one of its games.

Puppeteer will be available on September 10 in both download and retail forms. For more on Puppeteer, head here to learn about all of the game's assorted bosses. You can also head here to see a trailer for Puppeteer that is a little more indicative of what the game actually is.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Odd.

  • This... was... pretty sad. A sad little attempt to get people to buy whatever this is. Imma go watch the actual trailer for it now, just to figure out what it is.
  • I am not sure what to really make of that video..

    Is Sony throwing a parade? I wonder if a Broadway production of this is now on the way... (Gran Turismo the movie...)

    I like to think of this commercial as would you rather be stuck in an awkward puppet show or play a game regarding puppets on your system..

  • This is the only game I'm excited about for the rest of this month.

  • Maybe it's an awesome game, but giant human puppet shows are creepy. :P

  • Well now. That's...something new.

  • This a great way to combine gaming and art in a way to get people to come together. ^_^

  • Can't wait to play this with my girlfriend later this week.

  • Mod

    The actual game looks amazing.

  • That was some of the worst improv I've ever seen. And if it was scripted after all, it was even worse.