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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix's MMO Is Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn kicks off its second life today, and you can check out its launch trailer to get you in the mood.

Square Enix's MMO first debuted in 2010, but due in part to fans' criticism, the game has been reworked and now relaunched on PC and PlayStation 3.

The game also features a companion app – Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea – which you can use to check the info of your character and that of your friends, get info on in-game quests, and more. Libra Eorzea is coming soon for the iOS, and for Android devices at a later, unspecified time.

The game is offering a 30-day free trial as well as bonuses for previous subscribers.

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  • Okay, I'm not sold on this one yet. Anyone care to chime in with their initial experience? The -original- beta was terrible. How are the changes?
  • I'm loving this game so far. Asides from the server issues, the game is complex and the battle system is interesting. Leveling up jobs are a massive grind, but so far the game is pretty solid.
  • If you are fan of MMO's or of Final Fantasy, this game has alot going for it. They did a damn good job resurrecting this game.

  • Damn. Wanted to try this. Nothing short of hands-on was going to sell me on it.

    I'm beyond iffy on it, partially because I don't play MMOs and have never played a FF title. Still, would've been cool to give it a shot.
  • This seems so exciting, can the PS3 really handle it?
  • I wanna play this!

  • Server issues are only thing i have problem with but once they get char transfers up in a couple weeks it will help a lot. Combat and crafting and gathering are all fun and it is impossible to bot farm mats like in a lot of mmos with this one.

  • Pass. No more subscription mmo's for me, thanks...

  • I played the beta and had a great time. Any fan of Final Fantasy or MMO games should be thrilled.

  • Mod

    They really did a great job saving this game.

  • I nearly bought XIV. Yet doing some more searching into it. One thing threw me off. Regardless of the fact it is still in Beta at this moment. Once it goes live it is going to be Subscription Base. This also goes for PS3 owners. Which sadly I do not like. As FFXI biggest issue I had was the fact of paying that 15 bucks a month but also having to spend EXTRA to have a character key to even make a character. That was total BS. Plus the PC version the game sucked in the control department. So really as I see it. Lost my money until the guy in charge ends up having to do another song and dance explaining why Free-To-Play is going to work well for FFXIV like he did for the Subscription Payment plan going on.
  • Jesus, its been like 3 whole years since the disaster this was and may still be first launched?

    Time sure flys...........
  • I'm actually going right after work to buy this. I've been wanting to get involved in a MMO on the consoles and hopefully I'll be able to meet enough people to play with on here. Speaking none of my friends are buying it that I know of
  • Great MMO, but really plays like a great solo FF game but with people... does that make sense? Im in. Now my MMO of choice. Lancers ftw.

  • Been playing over the weekend. Game is good fairly deep, with a decent learning curve. the graphics however are just plain horrible. It runs at 1280x720 on ps3.
  • If only they made is a RPG not an MMORPG, sad really

    The world is full of MMO

  • Yes, they did a great job saving this game and it very addictive. The biggest issue right now is that the NA and EU servers are overloaded. I am assuming they underestimated the amount of players that would flock in, but yes it is very fun.

  • Peoples skin and clothes look really dull. Other than that it looks really good.

  • currently downloading game as we speak. Should be all set when i'm out of work. Can't wait to play this. Probably all I will do all week and especially the long weekend coming up.

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