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How Bungie Will Build A Strong Community

While Bungie is still trying to figure out if they can strike lightning twice with its upcoming shooter Destiny, the developer is already planting seeds for a strong social community.

Bungie is aiming to make Destiny a living social world, but social activities require open forums in order to work. That is why the studio recently rebuilt its website in order to foster better social interactions within the game.

“We’ve designed new ways for players to follow people and build their own following, and eventually make plans to play the game,” says Destiny’s community manager David Dague. “We looked at other social networking sites like Reddit, where popular content bubbles up to the top. Places like Twitter where you can have selective attention and control the news you receive. Even Facebook where people are sharing photos and jumping into various groups. We have no qualms with looking at what other people are doing well and applying those to our own evil plans for world domination.”

Bungie hopes that this will result in a game that brings gamers together in new ways and leads to a richer world that features a lot of content for players.

“I’m excited that this game takes place in a living social world,” says Dague. “I’m excited that different heroes will be able to blaze their own trail through this rich story. And I’m excited that gamers will be able to have chance encounters with each other in social spaces and see the way that their characters have been customized and ask, ‘Where did you get that?’ This game will have infinite replayability because it’s different when you play it with different people.”

We’ll see if we get tired of playing Destiny after the game comes out later next year.

Get more Destiny with a sample track of the game's music.

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  • This game looks like everything I want in a next gen title. Mix in Halo, Borderlands, some MMO tendencies, and a few other games, and you come out with Destiny. I can't wait for this one.
  • So can't wait for this.

  • With so many games coming out, and the next gen consoles coming out, it's easy to forget about Destiny (Due to a lot of coverage being focused on new IP's and Consoles), but I really believe that it is going to sneak up on everyone and become a franchise powerhouse
  • The only way I'm getting this game is if there's no subscription fee and if it goes on sale/I buy it used. I'm biting the bullet as it is since this is Activision we're talking about.
  • I like how they're implementing the social side to this game, however I feel that this also limits the lifetime of the game.

  • looks like another hit for mico
  • Mod
    One of my most anticipated games on my list of upcoming titles. I trust the people behind the OG Halo. I'll be honest, it's going to be weird playing a Bungie game on my PS4, it feels like I'm messing around with Microsofts ex girlfriend.
  • This game I am looking forward to the most right now is Destiny. I wish it was a launch title, but I know it will be well worth the wait. I have full faith in the Bungie team. This has everything going for it to become one of the best epic 1000+ hour games I have ever played. In PSO (between Dreamcast and Gamecube) I had close to 4000 hours put into Sega's action style mmo/rpg. With 10 years worth of content I'd say that could be surpassed with Destiny.
  • Personally I prefer solo-ing my games, but ill group with friends occasionally. But if people want to mix and mangle with strangers over the internet be my guest. As long as it doesnt diminish the length of the core game and basically expect you to play multi.
  • I've had this game pre ordered for a while and thought it was going to be a launch title. I have a bit of a problem now because I don't just want BF4 as my only game I get at launch, haha. Guess Knack or Watch Dogs will be on my order list.
  • It would be neat to ask someone where they got a certain piece of kit, but it would suck if they didn't have their mic on and there would be no response.
  • I want to play it now!
  • That sounds like a fantastic implementation. This game has been sounding great. It reminds me a lot of Tabula Rasa (which I enjoyed during its short run), and is probably why I like the concept so much.

  • I already posted this info on another comment, but just in case for everyone who may not see it or had the same question:

    "Absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee":


    "Destiny' requires internet connection but there is no subscription fee":

  • This imo is going to be a killer ass game

  • One of the reasons I'm getting a PS4 is to play this game on it. I like what I'm hearing about the game. Sounds like they put a lot of time and work making it a game that stands out from other games in the past. Bungie's a great developer IMO. I trust this game will be a hit, when it releases next year.
  • Looks to be an impressive title.  The multiplayer's subtlety seems really nice, as it looks like the game won't bombard you with a party forming screen whenever you want to engage in some co-op.

  • i want to learn from them. on how to make my worlds better  :D

  • I hope it comes to pc since i dont have plans to get either of the new consoles.
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