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Saints Row IV

Four Famous Presidents Are Tearing Up Steelport

We already know that Volition is putting players in the Oval Office in Saints Row IV. Now the developer is pushing presidential role-playing a step or four further.

If you pre-order Saints Row IV at GameStop and grab your copy within two days of release, you’ll receive the Presidential Pack DLC, which includes the terrifying Point Break-like faces of Presidents George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. 

This pack is in addition to another free costume bundle that includes superhero-styled costumes called “The Iron Rogue” and “Queen Amazonia.”

Saints Row IV releases August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

Disclaimer: Game Informer is owned by GameStop.

  • really?! come on! is anyone going to use those outfits? I certainly won't, then again, I'm more of a super hero kind of player lol.
  • I actually want this game now just for this pack. As much as I love Obama I really wanna play as George W. Bush.
  • That. Is. . . something. . .

  • Why does Gameinformer have to put a disclaimer saying they are owned by GameStop on every article that has anything to do with GameStop?
  • Do you get a Spying power when playing as Obama?
  • I recall Mercenaries 2: World in Flames having something like this. If memory serves, you could play as Obama or Palin.

  • Sure, put two of the worst presidents with two of the best.
  • Those outfits are awful. The Lincoln one is just the George Washington one colored black. Bah. Would have appreciated a little more effort going into the pack. Just a little. Also, why not instead of George Bush, they include Teddy Roosevelt? He seems more like something that should have been included in Saint's Row's wackier entries.
  • Is it possible to win the nobel peace prize by playing SRIV with the obama mask? Probably

  • I don't know - I'd be too afraid to wear the Obama mask. I might get fired from my job, blacklisted from my industry, and investigated by the Justice Department.
  • Okay, um. Wow

  • If W speaks in Bushisms while playing the game, I'd get this.
  • Can I make the president's sound like Nolan North? That would be so awesome.
  • Should have gone with Jimmy Carter, or Willy.

  • HAHAHAHA WOW.... JUST... WOW....

  • Abe and George instead of Tricky Dick and Slick Willy? What madness is this?

  • Oh boy, I can see the comments go in the entirely wrong direction here lol.

  • Wow.

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