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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

Video Preview Of Square Enix's Hi-Def Remake

The original Kingdom Hearts looks better than ever in Square Enix's upcoming collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. Joe Juba, Kimberley Wallace, and myself sat down to explore several of the classic Disney locations and discuss the series as a whole. Kim and I are longtime fans of the series while Joe is an avowed hater. Can we change his mind? Watch our video preview to find out.

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  • The graphics are amazing. I want this game but I do not have a ps3.

  • I Hope they make an HD version of Birth by Sleep. I remember that my PSP broke right as I finished one storyline.

  • Just one more month...Man, I can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts again.
  • Nice preview! I'm actually quite excited to pick up this remake.

  • I have 1,2 and re:chain on PS2 at the house but I'm still going to buy this. The Hi Def really makes this game stand out. Personally the game was already beautiful especially when it came out and I think it still looks great to this day. It's one of them game's that definitely has aged well.

  • Do you think that watching just the cut-scenes of 358/2 days is worth watching over playing the actual game? Are there any important plot points that the cut-scenes don't cover? I've never played 358/2 days and am wondering if I should go play that vise just watching the cut-scenes.
  • I honestly didn't like Kingdom Hearts 1, I've tried to play it many times but it was just too confusing and on PS2 stages like Wonderland and Halloween Town were so dark I could hardly see anything. In my opinion they should've made a remix of Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, & Birth by Sleep. Now THAT would be worth buying.

  • The original Kingdom Hearts I think was very difficult to get into. I borrowed it from a friend and stopped at Agrabah. It wasn't until KHII came out that I fell in love with the series and went back and played the first one.

  • Wow.  My wife is going to dig this.  But I like it when they bring back classics.