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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

Video Preview Of Square Enix's Hi-Def Remake

The original Kingdom Hearts looks better than ever in Square Enix's upcoming collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. Joe Juba, Kimberley Wallace, and myself sat down to explore several of the classic Disney locations and discuss the series as a whole. Kim and I are longtime fans of the series while Joe is an avowed hater. Can we change his mind? Watch our video preview to find out.

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  • Man can't wait to get my hands on this next month.

  • I am so excited to play this game again, September can't come fast enough. What was everyone's favorite world to visit? Mines was Deep Jungle(Tarzan's world)
  • Joe have you tried 2 or BBS instead of the original?

  • Kingdom Hearts is freakin' awesome.

  • Can't wait to see how the Xehanort Saga concludes in KH3. They've created a very well crafted story. I dunno why some of you say it's too hard to follow. It's honestly not.
  • I was so much against Kingdom Hearts until my little sister borrowed it from one of her friends. I decided to steal it from her and played it. Yeah.....I loved it. The gummie ship was my favorite and still is. I loved to make the most unstoppable ship. --- Also Joe. Your a fantasy loser. If you just can't accept the fact it is all fantasy!
  • can't wait for Sept. 10!!!

  • I thought chain of memories was really good, considering what they could do with the GBA. And also this game makes me want a ps3.
  • A video preview? We need more of these!

  • I play it for the final fantasy feel.

  • One more month til I get my artbook!

  • why bring this only to ps3 when the sequel is on xbox one its makes little to no sense when they need sales.
  • i've never played any of the kingdom heart series, despite my lifelong love of disney. i've had this on preorder for quite a while, and i'm really looking forward to playing it at long last.
  • Who was the guy who thought of combining Final Fantasy and Disney again? He deserves another raise.
  • The skip cut scene was in the original Kingdom hearts. I know because it was one of the first games I played with that as a option. Also really glad they fix the camera angle stuff, not to mention glad we are out of that horrible camera angle phase. If I remember correctly, that was some of the biggest problems with games during the PS2/xbox/gamecube years.
  • So you guys already have this masterpiece a month before is out? Lucky. Effing. Bastards.
    This seriously gave me the biggest nostalgic kick ever. I need Kingdoms Hearts in my life NOW!
    Give it another chance Joe! The Colliseum & Halloweentown will thank you!
    Also in KH2 when you go into the Lion King world Sora turns into a cool small Simba look a like.
  • Its a shame that Square has taken so long to bring Kingdom Hearts back to consoles, and that all we get is an HD remake, but It is nice to be able to catch up on what happened during the handheld iterations. Kingdom Hearts is a great series and this makes for a great jumping in point for anyone who has never picked one up. To me this series is near legendary and its a shame the remake is only coming to PS3 because I believe no one should miss out on this legendary series.

  • SO this is just an HD remake of the Original correct? the 1.5 throws me off -_-
  • Is it just me, or do their videos always take a million years to load, if they do at all? That being said, I can't wait to relive my middle school years.
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