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Disney Infinity

Combat In The Toy Box

Disney released a pair of trailers for its upcoming Disney Infinity just a week ago, and they're back with more. This time, the focus is on combat.

Think of the clip below as a sort of mash-up bash-up. The action is set in the game's freeform toy box mode, which means you're going to see familiar faces teaming up in unfamiliar ways. Don't worry – they're made out of plastic, so nobody is going to be (permanently) hurt.

Disney Infinity is set for an August 18 release date.

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  • Carl Fredericksen's cane is a weapon in this game? Wow. That is awesome.
  • i want this game so bad

  • love the graphics

  • I'm really curious as to what, exactly, I'm looking at here in these trailers. I mean, we KNOW that the game ships with basically 3 stages - a Pirates of the Caribbean themed one, an Incredibles theme, and a Monsters University themed stage. So literally everything else here, like Sugar Rush and Tron Legacy (the COOL ones, that people WANT) are just... made up in the Toy Box for the trailers right? They don't actually have awesome Tron stages and Wreck-It Ralph stuff, right? These are just gamespaces whipped up, with a cool skin thrown on, just for the trailers. We're gonna have to hope that a really good, Littlebigplanet-style, community emerges to build all this content right? That, and the obvious "there's too much damn stuff to buy" factor, are the big detractors for me. But kids + parents... that's a different demographic altogether. I can't believe kids nowadays can get away with that. When I was a kid, it was a struggle just to convince my parents to get me a $40 game every couple of weeks. An $80 one? With tons of expensive action figures and blind booster packs of "power discs" too though? Man, kids today must be really, really manipulative... or parents just suck more with money. Either or. :)
  • The game looks great, but I'm completely turned off by the micro-transaction fest.
  • The screenshot of Woody riding Dumbo, with Buzz on a Recognizer, escaping the Grid with Davy Jones trying to shoot them down is all I need to see to know this will be awesome.

  • Looks way better than Disney Universe they made, it was terrible.