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Do Not Fall

Disappearing Floor Puzzle-Platformer Coming To PSN Today

Do Not Fall imagines a world inside a vending machine, where its inhabitants live in fear of the floor disappearing below their feet, while farm animals try to push them off the edge.

It's a mechanic we've seen before in other games, but Do Not Fall sets itself apart with its strange story involving gathering ingredients for the ultimate vending machine drink, and the addition of multiplayer modes.

Do Not Fall will be available on the PlayStation Network later today for $9.99. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

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  • This looks surprisingly good for a game I've never heard of.

  • looks like some of the levels will bring out the worst in you ^^

  • Indie devs must be stoned as hell with the ideas they come up with.

  • A farm animal has appeared. It's the killer. Do not fall.

  • This game looks cool, ill check it out whenever the store updates, if ever

  • This reminds me of Hamilton's Great Adventure, which I enjoyed a lot. I'll give this a go.

  • I'm not seeing the vending machine aspect of this really coming through, but the game looks alright.

  • Some indie devs need to get a little more creative with their names.  Don't Starve is another such title.

  • Klay_Yeti: loving the Catherine reference!!
  • Looks good, the multiplayer seems like a lot of fun.

  • I'm just loving the art style of this game.

  • I'm just loving the art style of this game.

  • I love the emphasis Sony is placing on these quirky little indie titles. I am not a fan off all of them, but the movement in general has been very encouraging, and largely successful.