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Metro: Last Light

Trailer Reveals Polis Ranger, Redline Sniper, And Reich Heavy Missions

If you haven't heard about Metro: Last Light DLC, we're more than happy to fill you in. If you're ready to see it with your own eyes, we've still got you covered.

The first DLC for Metro, the Faction Pack, will give players the chance to take on three new missions.

The Polis Ranger, Redline Sniper, and Reich Heavy missions are shown in the trailer below.

Thrifty gamers who purchased the season pass and those willing to shell out $4.99/400 Microsoft points can download the Faction Pack now on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, and Steam.

Season passes are $14.99 and will include the later DLC additions to Metro: the Tower Pack, Developer Pack, and Chronicles Pack.

  • Wow everybody is rendered speechless by this news. lol. have yet to play the main game but I want to try the original before I do the second one.

  • i now have a reason to buy the season pass
  • Don't be dismayed by the first mediocre mission. the next two missions are amazing.
  • playing as nazis SIGN ME UP
  • MORE METRO!!!!!!! :D
  • I still need to get this game, but i've got to finish The Last of Us.

  • So that's £2.99 in the UK,worth every penny.

  • Am I the only one who was disappointed by Last Light when compared to 2033?
  • More Russian strippers plz
  • Been wanting a bit more, and this seems like it will fit the bill

  • ya i beat it the day after i got it in under 11 hours on hard. sold it if i knew that there was the DLCs coming i would have kept it bnut ill get it back asap cuse i never had the chance to beat ranger mode so ill get it in a month with this. love the game but could never get the hellsing trophy so ill try it agean in my next play through.