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Watch Dogs

Six Fun Things To Do In Watch Dogs’ Open World

Ubisoft's upcoming current- and nex-gen title, Watch Dogs, has held gamers' attention since it was first revealed last E3. Flash forward a year later and we've seen a detailed demonstration of the game's open-world, tech-hacking gameplay in action. From imposing your musical tastes to tablet companion apps, these are six awesome things you can look forward to in Watch Dogs.

Siege a communications building

During the demonstration the Ubisoft developer attacks a Chicago communications building to enable hacking access to the local network. Players can choose stealth or more direct methods here. The dev at the controls decides to leap a fence, climb up the side of the building, and open fire with an assault rifle from above. Aiden uses his phone to hack waist-high cover for the firefight. He chucks a homemade explosive into a group of guards, sending them flying. 

Profile any citizen

Aiden can use his phone to read personal profiles for anyone wandering the world. Criminal histories, bizarre fetishes, and other tidbits of intimate information are available to anyone who cares to look. Ubisoft is even offering players the opportunity to get their profiles in the game.

Play an in-game ARG

You may see NPCs holding their phones up and awkwardly bobbing around public spaces. Aiden has access to an ARG on his cell phone that he can play anytime. Flying monsters appear that players zap out of the air to earn points and progress. 

Spy on citizens through webcams

Aiden can hack citizens’ wi-fi networks to access certain home electronics. In one apartment he hacks a camera facing the rear of a couch with a man and woman sitting on it. The man chats idly with the lady about everyday things. Aiden jumps to another camera in front of the couch and sees the woman is actually a life-sized doll. Players will be able to spy in on interesting characters like these throughout the world.

Control the city with your tablet

Ubisoft is working a separate Watch Dogs app that allows players to control the city with their tablet. One player uses the tablet to chase a friend playing on a console. The touchscreen offers a bird’s eye view of the city to dispatch cops and helicopters after the fleeing prey. The player controlling the city can also spring roadblocks and tinker with traffic lights to cause jams.

Hack music

Players might hear a song they like strolling through a city plaza or driving in a car. A Shazam-app on Aiden’s phone allows players to identify ambient songs, and then download them onto the device. Players then have the power hack into local audio systems and stream their music into the environment.

November 19, 2013, when Watch Dogs arrives for PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are coming, also.

This preview was originally published on June 11, 2013.

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