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Diablo III

New Footage Shows Off Four-Player Blizzard Console Romp

Just before E3, we were given a September 3 launch date for the current-gen console versions of Blizzard's Diablo III. Now we have some screenshots and a trailer highlighting the four-person multiplayer mode.

The video shows off co-op footage from the PS3 version only, though some of the screens below are from the Xbox 360 version. You can tell which are which by looking at the button icons in the corners. 

If you can't wait until September 3, help pass the time by reading our review of the PC version or by watching our video interview with the developers. 

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  • Looks amazing, can't wait!!

  • cool, I may get it

  • All right, keep up the amazing work Blizzard. ^_^

  • I may pick it up for some couch hack n slash action. See if we cna turn it into a drinking game some how.
  • So it's the original Dragon Age: Origins, only not so confined.. And on 400 CC's of steroids, can't wait!!!!!
  • Protip: Save your money, Diablo 3 is terrible. I guess there arent really any alternatives for it for console but still, save your money.
  • My wife and I may definitely enjoy this! :D

  • It's looks exactly like the pc version and btw Diablo 3 is not that good. Go play Torchlight 2.
  • Can't wait to see this in action on consoles. It isn't often that games get a second chance release.

  • I may just get this; I always like a good RPG.

  • I am excited for the PS3 release, can't wait! I think multiplayer is going to be kick-ass.

  • The next gen versions should look just as good as the PC version. I will wait for that before adding it to my library.
  • Still have to decide whether to get this on 3 or 4

  • Spent the last year playing the the PC version, pumped to start over on the 360 one.

  • Too much clutter on the screen

  • when it said multiplayer, I thought they were going to bring pvp to the game finally. But nope. I won't buy this until they implement that into the game like they promised. It's bull if you ask me, that they will release this before they fulfill what they promise to sell.

  • Is it just me but i didnt enjoy it on the PC. but it was my first Diablo Game.
  • So, if I buy this now will I have to buy it again for next gen?

  • Cool!