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Tales of Xillia

Tales Of Xillia's E3 Trailer Released

In advance of the craziness of E3, Namco Bandai has sent out a rousing trailer for Tales of Xillia, the forthcoming entry in the RPG Tales series.

The E3 trailer for the game touches on the world of Rieze Maxia, a place where human and spirits co-mingle.

Tales of Xillia comes out exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on August 6. For more on the game check out Kim's preview, as well as her interview with producer Hideo Baba, and Xillia's collector's edition.

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  • This is by far the most Dramatic trailer I've ever seen for a JRPG. Also why were they advertising the collector's Edition if they're no longer selling it anywhere? Either way I'm getting a copy of this game even if I have to wrestle it from a game stop employee.
  • Mod

    I really do wish that these publishers could save their trailers for E3. This just cuts down on the number of surprises, one of the best things about E3.

  • This looks amazing! I'm loving the updated graphics and it's not even a next-gen title. I cannot wait for August.

  • I love this time of year. So much good gaming news and E3 hasn't even started.

  • Looks amazing! I've never heard of it though. Love the art style.

  • AWWWWWWWW YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think I might get into JRPGs again.. I havent since FF X
  • I'm loving the Tales of games. Grace being my favorite right now. Can't wait for this one

  • can't wait for august!

  • Good to be a Playstation owner.
  • Am dying to get this game....

  • Fantastic! Looks like another great RPG heading our way. I'm glad they decided to release it over here. As for all of that collectors crap - no thanks. I just want the game; I don't play with toys anymore.
  • Nice vid ,nice game, nice collector's edition

  • I have to say that the trailer looks amazing. I have to beat TOG F and TLOU before this comes out. Oh and thats DEFINITELY the voice actor who plays the voice of the Caius Ballad on FF XIII-2.. He's the antagonist of the story.
  • I can't wait for this game. I haven 't been this excited to play a RPG in years, but I've been following a lot of this games progress for a while now. Old school JRPG at it's finest. From what I've seen so far. Hope it plays, as well as it looks.
  • Mod

    Oh man. This looks amazing! Less then two months till I can play it :D

  • Excellent trailer.

  • Im digging the trailer, but I know I won't like the game; JRPG's are boring to me.

  • What an ambitious story! I hope I like the gameplay!

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