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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Video Shows A Wounded Snake In Amazing Floor-Crawling Action

A high-quality direct feed of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay has surfaced online. Check it out here.

Snake is in bad shape, and there are some seriously weird things going on in the hospital he's trying to escape from. On the plus side, it's Metal Gear Solid so it'll probably make sense about three games from now.

Thanks to GamesHQMedia for posting the video. We'll update this story if Konami responds to our queries with any further details.

  • Snakes are good at crawling on their bellies. :D
    It is really interesting, to me, to see the Snake interacting with the environment when he gets close to something.
  • The bandage guy kind of sounded like Keifer Sutherland.
  • This looks different... And different is good.
  • I laughed with the crowd a the "Lets take the stairs!" part. This game looks beautiful, and creepy. Is it just me or does it seem a little more "supernatural" than the other MGS games? I'm wondering how over the top Kojima's going to take it...
  • I'm pretty sure that Kane walking through the fire.

  • i would hardly call that gameplay ._.
  • That was pretty awesome.

  • Did anyone see that snake crawling on the floor!?
    Poor guy is looking skinny as hell, what he needs is a nice Salad Snack.

    Seriously though what's up with that mantis on the roof? and a snake and an ocelot riding a horse? gross...What is this a zoo? next you'll tell me there's a unicorn! hell just throw a giant flaming whale to top it off!

    On a serious note, that's not David Hayter's voice, this is worrying me.
    Geoff said he had an interview with Kojima that he'll be uploading this week and he said Hayter is not coming back, he's kidding right? this is all part of an elaborate ruse...right? ಠ_ಠ
  • Also Snake's pants physics

  • This is very promising. Was that pamphlet on the ground that says "KOJIMA" toward the end featuring the promotional image from "Ground Zeroes" that we saw a few months back?
  • Watched like a minute of this before I stopped myself. Sorry, but I got to play it for myself. No spoilers!

  • Seeing Snake in such bad shape is kind of hard to watch.

  • Not a big Metal Gear person, but I may have to check this out.

  • What a jerk that guy is. Snake is crawling with a HOOK HAND and he's telling him to hurry lol

  • Is Solid Snake the main character in MGSV?
  • "Oh yeah, no, just...just go ahead. I'll be fine crawling after you. I don't need any help."

    Also, that was definitely not David Hayter. I am very sad now. I will insert an emoticon to try to convey my sadness. :( Do you see how sad you have made me Kojima? This is your fault.
  • So many questions I need answered! Gotta love being a Metal Gear nut xD Looks pretty creepy also :D

  • I liked that they had a different sound for his prosthetic arm when it would hit the floor. It's the little things. B)

  • all the things they show is so crazy, and its that fox engine kojima has been working on forever now.

  • We've gone from "Duct Hunt"-ing to "Floor Crawl"-ing action now. The next gen transitions are seamless. 0_0

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