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Grid 2

More On Grid 2's World Series Racing

Grid 2 is introducing the fictional World Series Racing circuit, which aims to collect the world's greatest drivers of different disciplines under one banner. Find out about the WSR and one of the game's racing clubs in this new trailer.

WSR founder Patrick Callahan is putting you up against the world's best, and you'll recruit them by racing against various car clubs around the world in their particular race styles. This trailer focuses on California's Transamerica Pacers, who specialize in one-on-one Face Off races along the beautiful California coastline.

Grid 2 comes out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on May 28. For more on the game, check out my hands-on impressions.

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  • I've heard from friend about the first Grid having the biggest map in video-game history. This looks pretty cool.
  • I love racing games.

  • I was a huge fan of the first Grid (big racing game lover as well). I am looking forward to Grid 2 with high hopes.

  • Grid 2 looks to be shaping up nicely.

  • Codemasters always does a great job with racing franchises.  A little disappointed that the game is going to stick with arcade style rather than having a simulation feel (F1 2012 was fantastic), but I'm still looking forward to this for sure

  • looks good, i hope there is a cockpit view, graphics look amazing which is a big deal for me in racing games. Hopefully it gets good review, i'll probably buy it.
  • My favorite racing game. I AM THAT STAR! lol

  • This sounds like an awesome game so far but is it better than Forza Motorsport

  • GRID is the best racing I've ever played so far.

    Hope this one do the same.

  • This game looks beautiful, and if it holds up like the first one, I'm definitley on board.

  • meh didnt enjoy the first one that much, idk forza is hands down the best, but il admit horizon wasnt what i wanted it to be but that was made by someone eles, the car list sucked and an open world is not open when "invisible walls" prevent me from taking my raptoroffroad, and the rally expansion was a straight rip off, leave that stuff to codemasters and dirt

  • This looks like a great racing game. The game itself looks great.

  • interesting premise.
    was going to get this one anyway, 1st one was a blast. just all around fun to play.

  • Gonna have to pull myself away from Forza 4 to play this when it comes out, screens and videos look awesome.  Loved the first one, so I'm sure this will be even better