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Star Trek

Settle Into The Captain's Chair In New Star Trek Video

Namco Bandai and Paramount have released a making-of video for Star Trek: The Video Game. The first installment shows off a little bit of how Kirk and Spock are different, as well as some interior shots of the USS Enterprise.

There aren't any mind-blowing details in the clip, but it's nice to see more of the game in action. Look for it on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 23.

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  • Mod
    Looks promising *fingers crossed*
  • The faces and movement look a little janky, but looks like it will be a fun time.

  • It looked better before and now it just looks kind of bad, but I'm trying to keep high hopes for this

  • Really hoping this turns out good. It looks good so far.

  • Hate to say it but Aliens: Colonial Marines looks better than this garbage.
  • Looks really great. Hope it is better then Aliens Colonial Marines.

  • I am sick of these $%$^#ing Defiance videos! I will never buy or watch the ^&^$%&^&ing game or show!
  • When I first saw screens of this, I thought it was a Star Trek - Gears of War Clone.  Which would be awesome.  However, this no longer looks that good.  Yes, the action is there, but the graphics and animations are just killing it for me.  With the technology we have with the gaming engines available to make games, this looks rushed and done to make a buck, more then to make a good looking game that people will remember years from now.  I know people say graphics are everything, but it certainly helps when it looks better then a cartoonish representation of the characters when you are trying to live up to the movies.

    Only having a few more months till release, I no longer have my hopes up that this will be a good game.

  • God, the music was awesome. I'm a little surprised to see the seemingly-unfounded low expectations for the game, or outright hate.

    It looks pretty good to me, but I guess no one really knows until it's out!

  • Looking good, hopefully the co-op is really unique. Definitely interested.

  • WAH WAH the graphics aren't amazing and blah blahbleughh

    just shut up and wait for some reviews! because we all know graphical fidelity is the only thing that makes games worth playing. THE ONLY THING
  • I don't know so much about this one...

  • I see enough good things in this to at least make me feel positive about the possibility this game will be good.

  • I see shots of the graphics that look really good and on par with today's graphic standard. Then I see a shot that makes the game look like a launch title from 2005 or 2006.

    Graphics aren't everything. I play my Super Nintendo, N64, and other old systems all the time. However, when something is being made on the Xbox 360 and PS3, there is just a level of graphical fidelity that is to be expected. Half-assing graphics on a system that is capable of much more is not a good thing and rough graphics can pull you out of the experience.

    The environments, the ship, and space all look pretty good. The characters models however, look really rough for some reason.
  • That looks awesome.

  • Maybe it won't suck. Nah...

  • Jaw drops to the floor!  Ummm, D1P!  That was truly a fun trailer to watch.  Star Trek the movie was amazing!

  • Reminds me of a game I played last year. Oh yea Mass Effect lol. This looks good though Star Trek as a game would be cool hope it does well.

  • Looking forward to this. I really hope it doesn't suck....

  • I have an odd fascination with movie tie in games so I'll probably wind up picking this one up.

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