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God Of War: Ascension

Here's 30 Seconds Of God Of War: Ascension Single-Player Gameplay

Sony has released a brief clip of single-player footage from God of War: Ascension.

The clip shows a calm Kratos interacting with his wife and child. The clip also shows Kratos killing lots of things, as he is known to do, so it looks he hasn't changed too much.

God of War: Ascension is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on March 12.

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  • man i have the beta and the multiplayer is pretty fun :)
  • This is the ONE game i'm looking forward to get this year!!
  • Sweet..just preordered the collectors edition today!
  • Well, there goes $60. Game just keeps looking better and better.

  • looks damn good!!!!  

  • Love God of War.

  • Lol youtube top comment:

    rated K for Kratos

  • Why is Kratos' skin white while his family is still alive? Is it some kind of illusion that occurs in the story, or have they just forgotten their own backstory. Either way, I'm so psyched for this game!
  • 3 years since the last one. Holy crap. I've damn near completed law school since the last one came out.
  • RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! (It's no frikkin dragon! XD)

  • "The clip also shows Kratos killing lots of things, as he is known to do..." that just makes the game sounds depressing :/

  • Just a little under two months until this game comes out....we're so close people!

  • OMGawd, March 12 seems like an eternity. I appreciate the video GI, but you have officially made my life unbearable. That Seabeast at the end looks MEAN!

  • one of the reasons why I want PS3. haha

  • god I wish I had a ps3

  • This , Bioshock Infinite, and Bayonetta 2 are my top 3 titles for 2013. There's alot of other good stuff coming to though so it's gonna be another good gaming year for me. This looks like it might a very dark game though. It's gonna be sad if you actually have to kill your wife and child in this one. No spoiler alert because if you don't know that about GoW at this point than you don't play the series.

  • hot digddie dang..

  • Wow. In those brief 30 seconds i became more genuinely excited for this entry in the franchise then the hours of multiplayer footage combined...hmmm what does that tell you?
  • Cant wait, Multiplayer is great fun aswell! so if the Singleplayer is the same this will be off the roof!

  • That is not a gameplay trailer, it's all cinematic cutscenes.