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God Of War: Ascension

Here's 30 Seconds Of God Of War: Ascension Single-Player Gameplay

Sony has released a brief clip of single-player footage from God of War: Ascension.

The clip shows a calm Kratos interacting with his wife and child. The clip also shows Kratos killing lots of things, as he is known to do, so it looks he hasn't changed too much.

God of War: Ascension is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on March 12.

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  • omg, i can't wait for this game...march 11 midnight, needs to hurry up and arrive already...
  • No way this can top the epicness of God of War 3. It's just not possible, because if someone even thought of something that was more epic than God of War 3, their brain would melt out through their ears before they could get a chance to tell anyone else about it. If they did manage to get the words out, anybody within earshot would be thrust into danger as a result. It simply cannot be handled by mortal men.
  • These bosses look like some of the best in the series.

  • OMG GI u were very late to the party with the sony news XD Anyways, This GotY contender along with Last of US and Ni No Kuni... Speaking of Ni No Kuni.... GI where is ur review?
  • Those graphics are marvelous!

  • I understand that God of War, Little Big Planet and the Uncharted series are Sony big cash cows but I kinda think they should just let God of War go or at least do something aside from Kratos. I think after a while it's just milking a name. Kinda like how Gears: Judgement is stepping away from putting Marcus in the spotlight and attempting to do something new, and it could very well easily with it being a prequel turn out to be just as guilty of milking the name as sony is with God of War. Sometimes it's best to let good games die with dignity rather than to put out a new title that could leave a bad taste for the series all together in the mouths of players. And it might not even be this God of War game that does it, this one could be out of the park amazing and the one after could be completely devastatingly trash.
  • Very nice.

  • *Yawn*
  • The underwater segment looks to be one of the coolest set pieces in the franchise's history. Just paid for my copy at Gamestop about a week ago.

  • Finally feeling a bit of anticipation.

  • ...its already on pre-order, cant wait
  • It'd be nice to finally be done with prequels. Anybody for just taking this to some other era/mythology?
  • As always, the visuals are phenomenal.  

  • that's about 5 seconds of gameplay btw
  • Is it me or did I just saw a Dragon? EPIC!

  • I'm not impressed with the multiplayer direction Santa Monica studio has gone. I think it's pushed by the publishers so they can suck the most money out of their fan base. Uncharted, Dead Space, Mass Effect,...the list goes on..
  • God of War is one of the reasons why I really want a PS3, this game looks awesome.
  • Dragons and elephant men? So it seems since Kratos has already slain every greek monster around, they are using monsters from other mythologies...
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