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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Final Boss Revealed

A new trailer showing the intro to the game (see below) reveals the final boss for Sony's upcoming fighter. Remember Polygon Man? Of course you don't. Polygon Man was originally used as the mascot for the original PlayStation pre-launch marketing strategy, but was eventually dropped entirely.

“Polygon Man was going to be this iconic brand that would talk in various media to consumers as this kind of next-gen type spokesman," then president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison in an interview with Edge in 2009.

Surprised? Think Sony could have found a better end boss? Let us know in the comments below. We also have a complete list of the entire roster available here.

  • If Sony wants to use a 'spokesman', I think everyone would prefer Kevin Butler as a final boss.
  • epic

  • GI you posted the story oddly. The trailer should have been at the top and then talked about the rivalaries then to,d everyone about Polygon man

  • The final boss should have been Kevin Butler welding a Wii remote.

  • Tons of characters would be better, but the one that best suits a game like this is The Beast from inFamous...

  • It seems like a good idea. He was going to be a big thing, y'know, until they cancelled him. Then, he watched from the shadows as these 'newcomers' took what was supposed to be his spotlight. Makes for a pretty good little cross-universe mash-up story. On par with the DC vs Marvel storyline that had two God brothers meeting after being separated across dimensions and seeing who was the best by pitting their heroes against each other.

  • Doesn't seem any less ridiculous than a floating glove

  • Is that Ivan Ooze?

  • This game is all about the multiplayer I guess,,, But still they lacked imagination for the final boss.

  • this game might be worth buying a vita.

  • Childhood!!!!

  • pretty cool. some characters im not familiar with but whatever. They should have put in Cloud from FF7, no doubt people know who that guy is. One of the best ff games.

  • You know, this game has been getting a lot of hate, but I can remember when Smash Bros. first came out, and when playing its subsequent releases, several times that my friends and I thought it would be cool if there were other non-tendo characters in there.  Or a game like it, but with characters from other games.  A lot of people thought Dissidia was going to be like that for Final Fantasy, but it wasn't quite.  At any rate, I like this idea.  I've been playing the Beta, and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm sold on the game -- but it's not because of some misguided sense that Sony is ripping off Nintendo.  It's just that the game itself doesn't play the way I wish it did.

  • The final boss should be a $600 price tag.
  • U R NOT (red) E !

  • Pretty crazy. Well at least it's not a blatant rip off of the giant finger cursor final boss from Super Smash Bros. Although as others have stated, he does remind me of Andross from Star Fox.

  • That's pretty cool. Sort of like an Easter Egg.

  • Mod

    Of course younger gamers are'nt going to know who he is. only us older ones know about him. even if its just a smidget.

  • I've really had very little interest in this game. Then I played in the beta, and now I have zero interest.