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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Final Boss Revealed

A new trailer showing the intro to the game (see below) reveals the final boss for Sony's upcoming fighter. Remember Polygon Man? Of course you don't. Polygon Man was originally used as the mascot for the original PlayStation pre-launch marketing strategy, but was eventually dropped entirely.

“Polygon Man was going to be this iconic brand that would talk in various media to consumers as this kind of next-gen type spokesman," then president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison in an interview with Edge in 2009.

Surprised? Think Sony could have found a better end boss? Let us know in the comments below. We also have a complete list of the entire roster available here.

  • Mod
    This was, by far, the best trailer for this game, and maybe even one of the better trailers for a game I've seen recently. I mean, I played the beta and didn't really like it, but this trailer makes me want to buy the game at least three times.
  • i would've preferred Sephiroth... not specifically only in Sony games but still

  • it should have been a sega dreamcast looking for revenge on sony for putting it out of business

  • **BRAAAHHHH**, I already bet my friend ten bucks that the final boss would be called Mister Hand, or would be Kevin Butler.

  • HAH! Thas funny.

    Game will be a lot of fun.

  • Its not a bad choice, since they don't really have any iconic bad guy to fill that slot. I guess they are going to run with the Epic Mickey story, the villain is the jealous forgotten character. Much better than it being some random 3rd party character.

  • Should have had Kevin Butler as the final boss.

  • I really liked the trailer, final boss could use some work though.

  • It's Sony's version of Master Hand.
  • This... makes sense, think about it that one who was supposed to be the face (no pun intended) of Playstation was cast aside, then these new guys appear and become more recognizable than him on said console, I would become a final boss too if it happened to me.

  • He looks a little like the Darkside from Kingdom Hearts...
  • One of the best openings ever made!

  • First, having a virtual spokesman back then was a terrible idea and even now it wouldn't be a good idea.

    Second, is there no end in sight to Smash Bros similarities? Oh wait, this is it. But it certainly it stills a bad choice.
  • I think this is Sony making fun of themselves.

  • And here I was hoping that you would fight Kevin Butler. Also, the music in the trailer is 'Finale' by Madeon. Nathan Barnatt, aka Keith Appicary of Talking Classics fame, dances to his stuff sometimes.
  • Quickly glancing at the article I got excited because I thought it kinda looked like Uka Uka and we were finally going to get a Crash tie in. Oh well..

  • Does anyone know the song?

  • i think that they needed more obscure characters in this game so yes i like it!

  • wow lets take everything about Smash brothers and replicate it for a lame system... this guy looks exactly like andross lol.
  • Sprites always did own polygons, kinda like... well, never mind.

    I don't know, he looks like a dweeb but I guess it's on par with a giant hand.  The history is interesting and obscure.

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