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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Latest Dev Diary Dives Into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's Stage Design

All of the announcements and media we've seen for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have highlighted the diverse cast, but this developer diary takes a look at the game's combat arenas.

In the latest developer diary from SuperBot Entertainment, game director Omar Kendall talks about the process of of creating the assorted stages that will be populating the stage selection screen. Check out the video below.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • I will buy this game just because of Chop Chop Master Onion. He scared the crap out of me as a kid.
  • the stages look pretty impressive
  • honestly.....looks pretty good actually

  • I'm looking forward to this thing!

    And a free Vita copy definitely wont hurt, lol.
  • Kick, punch, its all in the mind. If you wanna test me..I'm sure you'll find all the things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya! Nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher now, kick! punch!
  • That stage looks horrible. Some of them I really like and others I can't stand.
  • The Uncharted stage looks amazing. Hopefully this turns out well.

  • The Uncharted stage looks amazing. Hopefully this turns out well.

  • This game is so far looking awesome.  It looks like it takes the formula of Smash Bros and mixes it up enough to make it unique.  I'm simply buying it for Sir Daniel Fortesque, they really need to make a new MediEvil game already.

  • I really hope we can make our own stages!!! like SSB

  • awesome