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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Training Videos Outline Fat Princess And Sly Cooper

Sony has released a pair of videos offering some training tips and background information on Fat Princess and Sly Cooper.

Neither of the characters necessarily control the way you would assume they would, especially Sly. He is not able to block, roll, or evade. Check out the videos below to hear Omar Kendal, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale's director, talk about it.

Fat Princess

Sly Cooper

[via PlayStation blog]

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  • When I heard Sly can't block, roll or evade but then I heard them explain it and I got it better. It's cool that he can go invisible.

    Fat Princess does moves like Bowser and Wario.
  • Looking forward to this game. Going to main Cole.
  • Sly's level 2 super looks pretty sweet.

  • I still so far only care about 4 or 5 characters

  • interesting like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hurry when

  • They really put a lot of thought into this game. It's nice to see the diversity in how each character plays, hopefully they can keep that up for the whole roster. It's nice to see them start to differentiate themselves from being just a Super Smash Bros. rip off but more of a happy medium between that game and Street Fighter. It's looking good.
  • Sly is like the recon so to speak, pretty awesome.

  • i played the beta its alright but idk i dont like it i hate the fact you can only kill with supers, but its stil an alright game but am not wasteing 60 bucks on it tho unless they add kevin butler lol
  • Good this is nice

  • Fat Princess is awesome. I have no idea where she came from but if i do get this game im looking forward to the Fat Princess.
  • You know who else they should outline? Sackboy. :D

  • I don't really care. Imma go Crash, Nathan, Heihachi, Cole, and Big Daddy as preferences. *** fat princess. She can go die in a hole.

  • so much fish eye....... anyways, this game seems............. interesting?

  • why dont they just spill every other detail about the game right now?..............
  • why dont they just spill every other detail about the game right now?..............
  • I just can't wait! Im avoiding all these videos because I want it to be a surprise when i get it... It better be a good game
  • I like the look of the game, but I just don't care enough for a majority of the Sony characters to brawl the others. I mean it just won't feel as satifying as playing as Luigi or Samus and then slamming and shooting a Game and Watch character off the stage. Sorry. But the game is cool....but it looks boring. And from what I've seen the final owers of a few are basically rip offs or re skins of some of Brawls final smashes.
  • That Sid Shuman annoys me. Watch practically any of the videos for the characters and he always says: They have the best supers i have seen in the game! I think the only one where he hasn't said it or something like it is in the Sly Cooper character vid. Man, i just want to reach in there and slap him. Am i the only one?
  • Cool, this game looks good.

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