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Papo & Yo

See The Changing World Of Papo & Yo In New Trailer

This new trailer Papo & Yo shows just how much influence the player has on the game's vibrant and surreal world.

Papo & Yo is an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation 3. You play as a young boy named Quico, who must help save a monster before it destroys the boy's home. You can learn more about the story and its influences in Matt Miller's previous preview, but the new trailer shows a variety of puzzle elements and creative twists to get players excited.

We still don't know a lot about Papo & Yo, but we'll find out more at E3, so be sure to come back next week.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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  • At first I though it was Pappa Yo Rappa. But then I saw it has a jetpack and was mollified.

  • Trippy

  • Ha, I saw the picture's background and thought it was Beyond Good and Evil 2 for a minute... ;-)
  • Reminds me of BG&E mixed with Ico. I was aware of this game but it really wasn't on my radar. This trailer definitely changed that.

  • The screenshot looks like Beyond Good and Evil infused with that Favela map from MW2, sprinkled with that Limbo/Gravity Rush sweet blurry look. I look forward to hearing more of this game at E3, for I haven't heard a word about it since that one GI issue from forever ago.
  • Sweet sweet puzzle platforming. i'm liking what i'm seeing

  • I get a very ICOvian vibe from this.

  • This is my favorite indie title on the horizon, I'm going to champion the *** out of it!

  • Inception much?
  • Are we supposed to pronounce it Papo y Yo, so it means "Papo and Me(or I)"?
  • Reminds me of Ico with a robot and a monster involved. Can't wait for this game.
  • Interesting stuff. I like these new ideas..

  • Is it just me, or have most the feeds today had spelling errors in it?
    Anyway this does look interesting?
  • Wow, this looks really creative and downloadable.

  • I completely forgot about this game. It does look really interesting.

  • looks like Brazil, and it looks awesome!

  • hmmm

  • Looks really interesting.
  • i'm thinking I'm going to like this game.

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