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Latest Starhawk Trailer Is A Quick Refresher On Single-Player

Starhawk's multiplayer has soaked up much of the game's prerelease coverage, and for good reason. Up to 32 players can compete online, battling on foot and in the air for domination. If multiplayer isn't your thing, however, you won't be left out. A new trailer for the game sets up Starhawk's single-player campaign.

Players take on the role of Emmett Graves, a scavenger for hire. Things get personal when he's asked to take on a mission in his former hometown of White Sands. Suffice it to say some shady dudes have moved into town, and Graves isn't going to try to talk his way out the problem. Take a look at the trailer below.

Starhawk is due out on the PlayStation 3 on May 8.

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  • i get this game mixed up with a bunch of other ones
  • I'm very excited for this game, just hoping that single player and local co-op are as good as the multiplayer seems to be. Not sure whether to pre-order or not...
  • I never played the first one but this does look cool.
  • Mod

    kinda hoping it does well

  • Who honestly expects the campaign to be great, or have a good story?

    I haven't seen anything that makes it look like its not just tacked on.

  • Had a ton of fun with the beta. Can't wait for this game.

  • I'm eyeballing this one, but i'm not yet decided on if it'll be a good game for me... especially when I might not be able to benefit from the Multiplayer... but it does look damn good.
  • It really makes me mad that people aren't even willing to give this game campaign a chance. The acting was good in that trailer, and the gameplay looks fun.
  • I honestly thought Starhawk was going to be a multiplayer only title... huh.

  • This game looks so much fun. Can't wait.

  • Looks good! I'll have to try it.

  • Nice

  • Pre-ordered it yesterday!

  • Great!  Waiting for May 8th!!

  • Most games like this, the single player is just multipayer with bots. Until I know that the single player isn't just multiplayer maps with bots thrown in with some lazy "Go here, capture this" mission design, I won't buy it. I'm not being fooled again by fake single player campaigns like Brink had.

  • im really looking forward to the single-player campaign. it looks really fun. especially if we have more space battles!

  • Looks awesome.

  • Looks, awesome, loved warhawk on ps3, i hear people are saying it won't be the same, but if it is even similar, i want it...

  • I'm still not sure on this one