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Dragon's Dogma

Beasts Attacked With Axes In New Dragon's Dogma Screens

Dragon's Dogma's May 22 release date is just around the corner. Game Informer associate editor Jeff Cork spent the majority of last week playing the game for review (scheduled to hit in the June issue). While I can't reveal his thoughts on the game at this point, I can say that he didn't move from his seat for alarming stretches of time. If you watched our Guinness World Record documentary, you know that Jeff is known for his ability to sit in one place. Take that for what it is: Dragon's Dogma kept Jeff Cork plastered in his seat.

If you want to take a tour of Jeff Cork's adventures, Capcom has released a batch of new screenshots of the game. You can also watch 15 minutes of the game in action.

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  • This game looks awesome!
  • Its such a shame that Capcom did such a crap job promoting this game. I haven't seen ANYTHING for it, and it looks amazing. What were they thinking
  • "Dragon's Dogma kept Jeff Cork plastered in his seat." There seems to be hope for this game yet. Super excited now.

  • ♥Axes♥ ^_^

    I have high hopes for this game... but I hope the NPCs aren't gonna be ludicrously over-chatty in the final release...

  • awesomee

  • Everytime I see this game I get a little more excited

  • According to Capcom this is a mix between Monster Hunter and TES IV Oblivion/ TES V Skyrim. (It is a lot more compared to Oblivion though.) As this is Open World they looked at Oblivion for a lot of depth and other stuff. Still this game looks awesome, I already pre-ordered it. Basically it is a scaled down Oblivion with Monster Hunter combat. http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/dragons_dogma/features/article/dragons_dogma_how_hideaki_itsuno_is_taking_on_skyrim_and_the_world.html
    Can't wait!
  • hhhmmm, less glitchy version of skyrim!
  • Screens makes it look interesting, I'll have to check out the Quick 15 a bit later.

  • CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The game certainly takes some pretty screenshots, I'll give em that. Still worried it's going to play a bit too much like Monster Hunter but... that's neither here nor... well, it's kinda of here. Whatever.

  • Where did they get those zombies, house of the dead 2?

  • So much better than that wimpy Dragon Age 2

  • So much better than that wimpy Dragon Age 2
  • Looking good :) Can't wait to try out the demo! ^^
  • Very, very excited for this release. Pre-ordered it last year.

  • I'm looking forward to this one. Don't you blow this Capcom...
  • I wonder what kind of monster that is; it's pretty scary looking.
  • The game went from looking great, to mediocre, and back to great. YAY!

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