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Vehicles Tear Into the Spotlight In New Trailer

Vehicles are a big part of the Starhawk experience, so it's probably a good idea to prepare yourself on what they each have to offer. If the names JetBike, Razorback, tank, and Hawk don't mean anything to you now, you'll be a pro after watching this new trailer.

The clip below shows off some of Starhawk's vehicles, from the fast-but-vulnerable JetBike to the transformable Hawk. There's something for everyone, unless you want an ice-cream truck or something weird like that.

Starhawk is due out May 8 on the PlayStation 3.

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  • Can't wait to play this..looks pretty cool! I especially like how you can drop buildings on your enemies.
  • I played the beta, and SUCKED!! I don't know if I should get it.
  • I played the beta, and was awful!!!!1
  • It seems some people who played the beta thought it sucked. I would appreciate it if others could give me an impression of what they thought of the beta..and maybe the reasons why it sucked. Was it lag? Things that can be fixed/patched? Or were there fundamental mechanics such as controls or user interface that were broken and will likely not be fixed? Please sound off with your impressions if you played the beta.
  • GI....your geting slow i saw this hours ago

  • I've put a good chunk of time into the beta, and other than needing time getting used to flying the Hawks, it was a blast. Some bugs here and there, but nothing that won't be ironed out come release time. I've also had a steady connection through out my time with it which is good to see especially during beta.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this!

  • I'm definitely going to be getting this!

  • Very excited for this game, the multi-player looks top notch. I hope it finds a nice balance of the strategic complexity of pc RTS and the streamlined 3rd person action game controles we get on consoles. i can see an awesome community forming around this game.
  • pretty cool looking vehicles, they should put more than 4 in there though.

  • Sorry Starhawk, you look like a fun game. But my heart belongs to Battlefield.
  • Starhawk looks pretty fun. I enjoyed the beta so I might get it.

  • I didn't really care for the beta.

  • Funny thing about the razor back is not only does it look like a halo warthog, but razorback is another name for a warthog.

  • why is it that there are not many games with star character as non-white, since white people happen to be the only living beings on this planet and the few times you get another race as your star character the games rarely do good. i just have to say that i am tire of the same generic white blond,brown, or black haired individual in a game. How about diversifying games, having an African, Asian (and i mean all of asia, talking bout you A-rabs, persians, indians, chinese, ect.), hispanic, ect men and especially respected women of every race (instead of an asian prostitute like chun-li, lara croft and many others). no offense i am not about race because i think it is a psychological issue, genetically race does not exist there is only the human race, but i have to say that, character wise games are getting generic, and one of the only games that feature a person of another pigment happens to already get a bad rap. and what about prototype 2? where is the coverage for that game?
  • Mod
  • I have played the beta and I had a blast with it. Every one is entitled to their opinions but bad mouthing a beta is just silly. The back bone of Starhawk is rock solid. The vehicles for the most part were balanced enough there just needs some slight tuning but overall each vehicle brings its advantages. The only minor issues I want to bring to light is the huge advantage it is to be in a Starhawk, but then again the game is called Starhawk. If you are a really awesome pilot you can really turn the tide of battle in the game. Not all weapons were released in the beta but I have to say that the flak ammunition needs to be reduced to 2-3 shots max. Having 5 flak shots guarantees your death if you are being tailed and in close enough distance for the wide range damage radius to decimate your hawk. It's really hard to escape flak shots and I am a really awesome pilot(missiles don't touch me, highest kdr=40:2 in beta). The RTS side of the game is really cool and fun but gets annoying because of how dumb people can play. There is a max amount of buildings, turrets, etc that one can place on the map I believe at the end of beta it was around 28 pieces; high enough a number to do really cool things but too low where ignorant players who place 28 turrets at base can mess up your ability to place strategically. The good thing is you can destroy everything your team builds that is "out of place". i.e having 3-4 Star Hawk platforms at home base, Building walls the size the home zone are silly things I found people do instead of focusing on the objective. The ground combat is really GREAT and super fun each weapon you get has a niche that everyone should be taking advantage of. The sprinting is great for mobility while on the ground although it means nothing to a Starhawk or explosion from a cannon/missile but it is good enough to avoid being crushed by the razorback and sidewinder bike or getting out of distance from a knife attack. The three maps that were playable were fun and well designed. The only thing I am not happy with--which I hope gets added-- are more match types. So far there are only four: Death Match, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match and Zones(king of the hill). I really hope the developers have new match types because these were the very same four in War Hawk(not necessarily a bad thing). OK ending my wall of text. The game is going to be really fun and I look forward to it. Starhawk really is a different beast than Warhawk so many veterans might not like it. That said I personally think that Santa Monica Studios/Lightbox Interactive really nailed this one on the head and I can't wait for the final release.
  • No guarantees, but I might eyeball this one & give it a consider. :)

    It's weird to see a Tank that uses Wheels instead of Treads. :P

  • Jetbikes are the best next hawks.  Small target, fast in and out.

  • infantry kills plane hawk, jetbike kills infantry, razorback kills jetbike, tank thing kills razorbike, plane hawk kills tank thing, infantry again kills plane hawk. Got it.

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