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Alert: New Starhawk Screens Incoming

If you haven't gotten your fill of Starhawk, perhaps these new screenshots will help. Sony has released a wave of images from the game's single and multiplayer modes, and they've thrown in a dev diary just for fun.

As expected, the Warhawk successor is filled with vehicular and on-foot mayhem, with plenty of pretty explosions. Once your brain has processed those images, take a look at the dev diary below. It features LightBox Interactive's president and CEO, Dylan Jobe, talking about how the team is putting the finishing touches on the game following its open beta. Enjoy.

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  • Good stuff!
  • I've had this on pre-order since January.

  • I've been playing Civilization 5 for the past little while, but this game is gonna be really good from what I've played in the beta.

  • I do not like the look of the split-screen screenshots, the view looks so limited with the overhead map on screen. I think it would feel like a different game to some degree, from single player

  • Have kind of made myself distant on this title. I have seen some previous screenshots and gameplay videos before, but i passed on the open beta. I maybe should give the final game a look, could be good.

  • Played the beta and not that impressed with it. Which sucks because I was really looking forward to this.
  • I  cant ait for this loved warhawk.

  • Good video. I never played Warhawk but I do have high hopes for Starhawk.

  • Good video. I never played Warhawk but I do have high hopes for Starhawk.

  • I'm going to pre-order tomorrow.  I cant stop playing the Beta!  This is the really first online game I'm into.

  • Game looks good. I'd be a little more interested if it was retail, though...
  • I quite enjoyed the Starhawk beta so I'll probably purchase Starhawk sometime in the near future.

  • It really makes me mad that the internet explodes with coverage of a new Halo(which is the single-most overrated game series in existence)when it is in Beta, but a game that is truly unique and innovative gets next to nothing! Anyway, I am really enjoying the new updates to the Beta( Dust, Sidewinders, etc), but I really hope there are more building to construct in the retail game, because as of now, the Build and Battle wheel is completely full.
  • They're putting the finishing touches on it, yet they haven't shown single player yet? Yup, this game's single player will majorly suck. No amount of motion comic cutscenes will change the fact that the levels will suck if they're just bot matches. And Lightbox/Incognito have very little experience designing compelling single player campaign stages. Just look at their output - multiplayer only Warhawk, War of the Monsters for PS2, Downhill Domination. All they've done is bot matches for single player (to be fair, that's all ALL racing and fighting games are)

    And to think, they had the nerve to promise an engrossing, deep single player campaign when Starhawk was announced.
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  • This makes me want to go back and check out Warhawk before this launches.

  • I've come to enjoy the starhawk's multiplayer beta more any out there right now. It plays like battlefront for crying out loud! Its a shame that the story looks terrible :(
  • This game is awesome, the open beta ends next week but I'm gonna be on it till it ends!

  • Can't wait to get the game really good.

  • This game is awesome cant wait for its launch

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