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Record of Agarest War 2

Record Of Agarest War 2 Coming To PS3 This Summer, Is Still Creepy

Aksys Games has announced that the sequel to Record of Agarest War is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 this summer in North America. You may remember that the limited edition from the previous game came with a pillowcase and a mousepad with breasts. The followup continues in that noble, creepy tradition with special Move-compatible minigames.

Record of Agarest War 2 features an enhanced grid-based combat system, new characters, and a whole new world to explore. Don't worry, creeps, there's still plenty for you! If you have a Move controller, you'll be able to play through a series of new minigames, including "Bathtub," "Shiatsu," and "Massage," according to Aksys. Check out the trailer below to see some of the game in action and a some kind of anime dance routine thing.

Sadly, there's no footage from Bathtub. We'll all have to wait a while for that. On the bright side, it gives everyone a bit more time to carefully construct their "It's from Japan you just don't understand!!!" responses .

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  • Why is every jrpg sexualized as much as possible?
  • Creepy. But anyway, I guess I need to finish the the first one and prequel.
  • *fap fap fap*
  • yeah never played the first... still not sure if I ever will.

  • How does Japan get away with this stuff?
  • The funny part is that the battle system looks like something I could get into if I could play it without feeling like a child molester.

  • i actually played the first one. i thought it was very good, its not the second coming of disgaea but its still well done with out of combat play, weapon fusion, persona style social links, and it was definitely NOT oversexualized. I dont know why they were making it look like that. At the end of each generation you choose which of your partners to "mate" with. You dont see anything except a menu. Not like Fable, Mass Effect and countless other games. This game was only "sexy" when it came to the art, but it never got introduced into the actual game. Shame on you GI for judging a book by its cover.
  • I guess Japan's culture is different than the US? ...Nah, it's just creepy.
  • Umm, interesting...

  • i still need to play the first one, its on my list, wish it wasnt ps3 exclusive, looks like ima fire up the ol playstation again this summer

  • Good lord Japan.

  • *** seems disterbing its almost like every CHESTERS ( child molesters ) dream come true packedged all in one into a video game that letsm be weird an creepy without getn arested. SICK basterds

    clicked on limited edition an saw funny as *** coments
  • What sucks is that it's only coming to PS3, I'm trying to get the first one for the 360.
  • That's a very scandalous looking little girl. Overall the game doesn't look as sexual as other JRPG's, I don't even think those boobs bounced as much as DOA Beach and Boobs (with the occasional butt/crouch shot). But that little girl... Sorry Japanese dudes, but I don't enjoy looking at little girls in skimpy outfits. Pedophilia just isn't my thing :/
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=aQZsGxvdWCo HA!
  • The comments, once again, make me ashamed to be American... DERP DERPY DERPPPPP

    BTW: Toddlers & Tiaras
  • "May contain content inappropriate for children." You can say that again!
  • Wow...that looks terrible. I haven't played the first game, and after watching this trailer, I don't think I ever will.
  • This is creepy as ***. WHY on earth is a little kid dancing like that in that particular atire?? It's sick.
  • All I had when I was 13 was my Dad's playboy stash....and a little later a picture that took 25 minutes to load from the internet...now kids have this?!?!?!....They are so spoiled. No wonder most of them are retarded and lazy. Us older guys had to be clever and sneaky to get to the good stuff, now it's sitting out on a silver platter. Oh, how the times have changed.
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