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Dark Souls

Dark Souls Prologue Part 3

Namco Bandai and developer From Software have just sent out the third part of the Dark Souls prologue trailer series exploring some of the game's backstory.

If you want to see dragons get smote by raining hales of lightning bolts, then you should check this out.

For Part 2 in the series, click here, and for more on the game, check out Phil's impressions from Gamescom.

Dark Souls comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 4.

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  • This game looks weird and scary! I want to play it...
  • EPIC!!!

  • The dragon without scales looked more scary than any dragon that had scales....i hope i get to kill it

  • I have a feeling this will be my favorite game of the year, even with skyrim and gears 3 coming out.
  • Mod
    I just got goose bumps. Demon's Souls took my life over for quite some time, and I expect Dark Souls to do the same lol. Aeolus? I know you're lurking here somewhere brother. Tell me you're not excited for this man!!!
  • Pre ordered it yesterday and put 40$ down. Getting more money and paying the rest of it off. So excited for this game.

  • I've been following this for awhile now, and I still have no idea what's going on. It looks like a completely different story from Demon's Souls, but with a similar back-story. However, this one looks more.. deadly. It's not just a mist, there are leaders massacring people. Killing dragons? Crazy. Where does the player fit in? What's our quest? I must know!

  • Demon's Souls is one of the best games I've ever played, so I'm extremely excited for Dark Souls! Day one purchase baby!

    Also, does anyone else think this game could benefit from a user created content angle? Like user crafted weapons and dungeons? Though I want user created content in everything, so maybe I'm biased.

  • goty incoming
  • 25 days left to go.

  • These cinematics are all well and good (undeniably awesome looking)... I just want to see some more gameplay, with English interface in particular.

  • So, are we fighting for or against these lords and conquerors?
  • That skull headed guy scares the *** out of me
  • It looks cool, but I think I'll die too much.
  • I'm excited about this game.  They hype about the "difficulty" I would really like to see for myself.  Maybe....

  • Can't wait to die numerous times while playing through this! =)

  • It looks amazing :D I would like to actual gameplay trailers though :/
  • This looks wicked

  • Looks like there's an interesting backstory. The lord made of skulls is really creepy.

  • Still on the fence about this one. Never got around to playing Demon's Souls because it sounds more frustrating than fun. I just need to breakdown and rent Demon's Souls one of these days.
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