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Dark Souls

Dark Souls Looks Kind Of Tough

The spiritual successor to the legendarily challenging Demon's Souls is nearly upon us. This trailer offers masochistic gamers a glimpse at the pain that is soon to be inflicted.

Giant teeth monsters, gigantic armored nights, and hordes of animated skeletons await on the bravest warriors. Check out the trailer below, fresh out of Gamescom 2011.

Dark Souls arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 October 4. Will you be suiting up for battle?

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  • Dark Souls... Tough? Nah...
  • Piece of cake

    Full disclosure: I'm a narcissist not a masochist

  • cant wait for this. these guys know how to make a game that oldschool gamers like me can really enjoy
  • Looks like a nice game.

  • those graphics look incredible!
  • Gee, I would never of guessed that the successor to demon souls would be tough.

  • Toothy is kinda cool.

    I'm going to have to work hard to beat this game before Skyrim comes out.

  • i only died a couple hundred thousand times in Demon's Souls, surely Dark Souls will be totally different
  • I am going to be ALL OVER this game! I've been wrecking Demon's Souls for the past week and I only have one more level to complete until the endgame. Demon's Souls is probably my favorite RPG of this generation and Dark Souls seems to be improving upon it in every way. Cannot wait!
  • Midnight launch for me,I'm crazy excited for this game. It's close to my birthday also so that'll be a good bday present for myself....unless my brother buys it for me lol.
  • Had a tough time with Ninja Gaiden and DMC never beat them. I'll probably try it once the price goes down.
    Edit* I'm sure those title are mild compared to this
  • I'm interested to see how this game's difficulty compares to Ninja Gaiden 3. NG 2 was harder than Demon's Souls, but NG 3 seems to be going in a slightly softer direction, so this may be even harder. Which is terrifying.

  • Sounds like the understatement of the year.
  • Shh, you had me at "RRRRRRRRAAGH!"

  • I love a good challenge, but why play a game that frustrates more than it's enjoyable. Moments of hard difficulty, placed strategically through games (such as boss battles) are important. However, when every encounter is a pains-taking process of trial and error, it just isn't any fun. What to developers and hardcore gamers have against enjoying themselves these days?
  • once you mastered combat in demons souls it wasn't too hard (granted it was still tough, I hated stonefang tunnel 2)and I did play as a mage so that might have lowered the difficulty

  • I won't be able to get this till at least November. Arkham City and all that.

  • So glad I have it preordered, and Dark Souls being hard? No really, my I wasn't expecting that. Even though I only got into Demon's Souls recently, I'm hooked to it and I can't wait for Dark Souls so I can die again.... and again and again. XD
  • No interest after Demon Souls.. My biggest issue was experiencing the same locations over and over, like the hubs. I want to explore through a world I could never have imagined on my own, face challenges, overcome defeat and become stronger along the way. Not die repeat, die repeat, die repeat, finally make it and then die in the next level to find yourself back in the same hub. I wish the option was there for people to chose difficulty but for some reason the game feels so strongly about what people need to experience it doesn't allow itself to be interpreted by everyone.
  • Thank you From Software may I have another?

    I am really excited about this game. I loved Demons Souls where death was earned not cheaply given. And to all those talking about frustrating difficulty in these games I have to say there is a difference in being difficult and being frustrating. Demon Souls was difficult sure but if you learned anything from a death then progress could be made.

    As an example of frustrating I point to that thing called Knights Contract. It wasn't hard at all but thanks to the mechanics and how they were implemented I wanted to go find the makers and punch them and have their developer status revoked forever.

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