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Dark Souls

Here Are Some Ways You'll Die In Dark Souls

Falling from a precarious balance beam. Being ambushed as you walk down the stairs. Becoming food for a giant dragon beast. Burning to a crisp. These are just a handful of the many death traps awaiting in Dark Souls that are on display in the latest batch of screenshots for the upcoming game.

Check out all 14 screens below to see Dark Souls' impressive visuals as well as its many challenges. Then check out the E3 trailer and our write-up of the game's new Beacon Fire system. All of this and more awaits you when Dark Souls launches in October.

  • Demon Souls was a rage machine, yet I kept playing.... Let's hope that's the same for dark souls
  • Well, death looks to be a burden in Dark Souls, but a unexpected experience for sure!

  • I'm totally going to fail at this :(


  • Never got into demon souls because it seemed like an endless rage fest, hope that dark souls is not quite so challengeing, becuase then i might buy it
  • These look great! OK... I want to play this more now.

  • ah, the classic "black phantom hiding around the corner"...that bit never gets old!
  • I loved the first game and can not wait for this one. I can not wait to die over and over again lol

  • Looking nice so far.

  • Whats the story about?
  • Nothing brings out the masochist like Demon Souls... and Dark Souls is said to be even more difficult. Wonderful, truly.

  • Awesome. I can't wait to play this game. No thanks, Bethesda, Dark Souls and The Witcher 2 are the only RPGs I'll be needing this fall.
  • I'm excited that this is going multiplatform!
  • I must be honest. I am looking forward to this more than Skyrim. I know, I just opened up for some serious hatin', but Demon Souls was just so incredible in every way. It kicked my butt for hours until I got the hang of it...then it was magical.
  • I'm so looking forward to this game. Especially since it comes out the same day as Arkham City (or Twisted Metal, I forget which).
  • From Software made 3d dot game heroes right? I hope gamefly sends that *** soon. oh and shadow of the damned hopefully today.

  • I still need to finish Demon's Souls.

  • The Dragon zombie is such a phenomenal idea - I'm not sure why I never thought of fighting one in a game.

  • I thought this was going to be on 360 as well.
  • Plot and story doesn't make sense, well it never explains itself really. It would make sense if it explained itself. Loved the game was fun, but was very laggy for me and the Faces could be improved on Demon's Souls. Oblivionish Face graphics (Still both are very good games.) But 3 years after Oblivion came out and still the same face graphics? Oh well, but was still hard to make a cool looking character. WIsh it was on PC though, Mods for one reason but real reason is my PC can take on over 200 Oblivion mods and not lag. and it was only $1,000. I could get that PC for around $600 today. Hopefully I can invite friends to my world. Didn't like the multiplayer perspective on this one. It's my opinion but there is no real way playing with your friends easily that I've found. Still good game and Dark Souls will be better than the first which I liked very well. But I still will be playing Skyrim longer mainly because I've been playing TES since the late 90's and I am part of the modding community so I will be getting Skyrim for PC and get some awesome mods that even if they weren't there Skyrim will be epic. Not saying Dark Souls won't be but I just wish it would be on PC so I don't notice the limitations of consoles and see lag.

  • I bet this is probably going to be a RPG. so this game is probably going to be good.
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